Wrestling Fans Urged to Get HIV Tests After Blood-splattered Deathmatch Show

Health officials are urging those who attended a wrestling event in New Albany, Indiana, to get checked for HIV and Hepatitis C over fears they may have been exposed to blood-borne pathogens.

The Floyd County Health Department said they are investigating the "Welcome to the Wreckroom Pro Wrestling" event which took place on June 23 because attendees may have been exposed to blood or other bodily fluids.

The event, run by Pro-Wrestling Trainwreck, featured a number of particularly violent matches, reported Wrestling Inc, including one in which thumbtacks are placed all over the mat as well as a "Panes of Glass" match, which as the name suggests, involves wrestlers throwing each other through glass.

A video posted on the Trainwreck Twitter account shows the end of one such match in which a wrestler pile-drives his opponent through a pane of glass held up by chairs on top of a table.

Warning video contains strong language.

Sunday was wild pic.twitter.com/Yn07wPYoml

— TRAINWRECK🍻🚂 (@PWTrainwreck) June 26, 2019

"We were told, and from pictures from Facebook and information that's been shared with us, there was a lot of glass breaking, thumb tacks that cuts the individuals, so there were a lot of cuts from scrapes. One individual, we understand, went the hospital with 42 stitches. So, it's been reported a lot of blood loss," Charlotte Bass, administrator of the health department, told WDRB.

"It could be serious, but right now, we have no reason to believe that there's any disease exposure. That's why we want to test people that came in contact with the body fluids."

John Glenn, co-promoter of the wrestling event, dismissed suggestions that the audience were at risk from exposure to disease or infection, assuring that all their wrestlers are tested regularly for the "safety of the people who come to our shows and for the guys in the ring as well."

"We care about our performers and the people who come to see our performance," he told the Louisville Courier Journal.

In a Facebook post, Glenn added: "I want to release a statement letting everyone know that all of our guys are tested before they perform for us. I know this is gonna be all over the place and yes I've seen the article, I understand people are upset but all of our talent is clean."

In a statement, Pro Wrestling Trainwreck also refuted any suggestions the audience were at risk. "This entire story has been sensationalized in an attempt to scare anyone that reads it. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and if you no longer support us… We don't need you anyway."

The Floyd County Health Department are urging those who attended the event to visit them at 1917 Bono Rd, New Albany, Indiana, or call 812-948-4726 to get tested.

File photo: Drops of blood are pictured on the arena canvas during the Cage Rage Championship 20 Born to fight event at Wembley Arena on February 10, 2007 in London, England. Health officials are encouraging attendees at a wrestling event in Indiana to get tested for HIV and hepatitis C. Daniel Berehulak/Getty