'WWE 2K Battlegrounds' Tips: Become King of the Battleground

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is here to see who becomes top dog with their new game mode never before seen in prior WWE 2K games, King of the Battleground. Try to become the last man standing and join the world spanning online battle to see who can take the title of "King". The longer that you can stay in the fray, the higher your earnings will be. And let's face it, we're all here for that big pay out.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Game Poster
Who can last the longest in King of the Battlegrounds? WWE 2K

If you find yourself repeatedly getting tossed out after only a few minutes, then let our tips and tricks guide you to victory.


Each Superstar has the properties of one of five classes: Powerhouse, Technician, High-Flyer, Brawler and All-Rounder. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which character is best for you, but Powerhouses and Brawlers seem to do best in this Royal Rumble type match up. High-Flyers seldomly are able to pick up a heavier opponent which usually leaves them stunned in the process of trying to do a simple grapple. When it comes to throwing someone out of the ring, you're going to want someone with the most strength. You don't want to be a lonely Rey Mysterio in a sea of Andre the Giants.


Each Superstar also has a rank which lets you know off the bat how well they should be able to handle themselves in a battle of this nature. If you're brave enough to start a match with Akira Tozawa ranked at 77, then you've earned some bragging rights if you make it past 5 minutes. You definitely want to start out with someone who has a rank of 88 or higher. If you purchased the Deluxe Edition, you can never go wrong with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin who has one of the higher rankings at 94. If you missed out, then you can't go wrong with picking Bray Wyatt at level 90.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Kalisto vs Samoa Joe
A High-Flyer like Kalisto may not last long in King of the Battleground when its filled with Heavyweights like Samoa Joe. WWE 2K


By playing through the games Campaign and Battleground Challenge modes, you will progressively unlock various Power Ups that you can bestow upon your Superstar. There's three tiers available where you can pick one Power Up each. Get to know them well, as some will fare better in this battle. For Tier 1, Stone Wall reduces your damage for a short period, but Invincibility works well as it keeps your health from dropping. For your Tier 2, it's best to pick a Power Up that helps you gain health. Speedy Recovery is one that is available from the get go and you regenerate health for a bit. You'll find yourself using this one the longer you stay in battle. When choosing your Tier 3, think about what option can damage everybody in the ring for an emergency situation. Thunderstorm summons a lightning bolt to the ring while Earthquake knocks the ground sending everyone off their feet.


Becoming a master at pulling off reversals will gain you a heavy hand in victory. Laying on the ground is the perfect chance to actually get the advantage. If your opponent is stomping you repeatedly, you can time the parry button just right and you will stand right up setting you up for a quick strike. Instead of just mashing the Grapple button to stand up, patiently wait to see your opponent go to pick you up, and you should be able to hit the prompt no problem each time nailing a solid reversal.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Big Show Earthquake
A Power Up like Earthquake will help you level the playing field in 'WWE 2K Battlegrounds.' WWE 2K


If you find yourself being the center of attention, try to run away from the action if you can. Take the time now to make sure you're facing the correct opponent and get yourself a taunt in if you can. When the occasion arises and there's only 3 competitors in the ring, do yourself a favor and just enjoy the action and let them duke it out. While you raise your meters and activate a Power Up and wait to strike once one of the two is eliminated.


Even though you can't win by submission in this match, it's still a good tool to use in wearing down your opponent. After striking him a few times on the ground, be sure to lock in that single-leg Boston crab a few times. If you find your opponent having a hard time kicking out of it, then you know they're about ready to get thrown over.


Once in a while, you may find yourself making an inadvertent ally in the ring teaming up on a stronger individual. Most often than not when there are two or more of the same Superstar in the ring, they can't help but team up to take out the others. Then eventually battling it out when they need to. I've seen multiple Undertakers just repeatedly taking out the new competitors together once a new opponent enters the ring. Just be a good friend and be sure to save your Finishing Move for your buddy when the moment presents itself.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help guide you to becoming the sole survivor in the ring, raising your hands high. Sometimes there may be no more opponents queued up outside the ring, and when this happens, you win and the match ends. Use your hard-earned rewards to unlock some stronger Superstars if you're having a hard time and get back in there.

Which Superstar is your favorite to play as? Which combinations of Power Ups have worked well in your favor? Let us know in the comments below.