WWE's Braun Strowman is 'Disappointed' With the Finish to Hell in a Cell

WWE's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view was one of the company's best shows of the year, but a lot of fans can't get past what happened at the end of the night. Brock Lesnar returned to take out both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman before a winner could be crowned, throwing the Universal Championship scene into turmoil and capping a solid PPV event with more questions than answers.

This is the third time Strowman's plans to cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase were thwarted, and it looks like The Monster Among Men has had enough.

Newsweek caught up with Strowman for a quick talk before the Sept. 17 episode of Monday Night RAW to get his thoughts on Hell in a Cell.

Editor's Note: This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and length

Let's start with what's on everyone's mind about Hell in a Cell. How red was the cage?

[Laughs] When I walked out to the bowl in San Antonio yesterday, I was like "whoa that was really red." Yeah, it was super bright red. About as red as my temper when Brock Lesnar got involved in mine and Roman's match last night.

What was your reaction to Brock coming out?

It sucks, man. He ruined the awesome match Roman and I were having. He interfered for the second time that I tried to take the Universal title off of Roman Reigns. So I'm pissed off, if I'm being honest about it.

You and Roman have had numerous matches. What was different about last night?

It was another platform for me to go do what I can do. And that is that I'm the Monster Among Men and if you lock me inside of a cage, with no rules, Roman and I went to war last night. I give it up to the man, he takes a licking and keeps on coming.

It's kind of disappointing that we didn't get a finish for that match, and I know the fans are disappointed as well. But don't fear, I'm going for The Beast and then I'm going to be back to take that title from Roman.

How is it working with Dolph and Drew?

It's been great. I tried to cash-in and The Shield reunited and stopped me. So I figured let's go eye for an eye and picked up some guys of my own to take care of business. But I think the gang war between us and The Shield is just beginning.

What was it like having Mick Foley in the match?

It was awesome to be out there with a guy that I idolized growing up. To share a ring with him is a special moment.

You've been in a few stipulation matches already. Which is your favorite and what do you hope to do down the line?

It's hard. I can't really pick a favorite match.I enjoy every opportunity the WWE gives me to wreak havoc on other human beings. I've done a lot of different stipulation matches, and there are still a few I haven't done, but nothing I look forward to. Everything this company puts on my plate I'm going to take a big bite out of and make the best of it.

When do you see yourself getting that Universal Championship?

If I can get an opportunity where no one will interfere and keep stepping on my toes, it's just a matter of time. Roman can keep running but eventually I'll catch him and take that title because I've been working tirelessly for three years to get to the position that I'm in. I don't plan on slowing down. I'm going to keep steamrolling through everybody