WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results: New Episode of 'Firefly Fun House' Premieres Tonight

It's the final Friday Night SmackDown before the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, and tonight the blue brand looks to set up for Sunday's show and beyond.

Last week, The Miz and John Morrison were shocked to find out that have to defend their Tag Team Championships in an Elimination Chamber match on Sunday. To find out who will enter the Chamber last, a Gauntlet Match has been announced between the participating tag teams.

Whoever wins tonight will have a huge advantage on Sunday. Can Miz and Morrison get this highly coveted placement, or will one of the challengers get closer to winning the brand's tag titles?

John Cena's return to SmackDown last week was interrupted by "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. After losing his Universal Championship to Goldberg at Super Showdown, Wyatt has challenged Cena to a match at WrestleMania 36, which the former WWE Champion has accepted.

Bray Wyatt is scheduled to have another edition of his Firefly Fun House tonight, which will hopefully give fans insight into Bray's mindset after suffering his first loss as he prepares to challenge Cena.

Speaking of the Universal Championship, Roman Reigns challenged Goldberg for the title at WrestleMania. With his "Road to WrestleMania" clear, what will Reigns do in the interim?

SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley continues her lengthy reign heading into WrestleMania, but she'll have to wrestle in a tag match tonight with the returning Sasha Banks. Naomi and Lacey Evans will be on the other side of the ring, but, with both women eyeing a shot at Bayley's title, how will this match play out?

The nWo are being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame this year, and Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman will be on SmackDown tonight in a special episode of A Moment of Bliss. What will the legendary group have to say tonight? Fans won't want to miss it.

And finally, BIntercontinental Champion Braun Strowman is set for a three-on-one handicap match for his title this Sunday. His opponents, Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, got the better of "The Monster Among Men" last week, but what will tonight hold for all four men?

Here's everything that happened on the March 6 episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

wwe friday night smackdown fiend john cena
"The Fiend" challenged John Cena to a match at WrestleMania on the February 28 episode of Friday Night SmackDown. WWE


A Moment of Bliss

  • Before the guests come out, Alexa Bliss calls out The Kabuki Warriors for the Women's Tag Team Championships. She tells them when they are done hiding on Monday Night RAW, they know where to find them.
  • Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman come out as guests of A Moment of Bliss.
  • Alexa asks about Goldberg since Nash was the person to end his streak. Nash brings up Scott Hall using the cattle proud
  • Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro interrupt. Zayn says it's time to start talking about the future not the past. He says that the immediate future will be the three of them defeating Braun Strowman on Sunday. Sami makes fun of the trio and says that they can drop the nWo.
  • Nash, Hall and Waltman get up ready for a fight, but Sami Zayn says that they have to get ready for Strowman. Braun comes out and takes out Nakamura and Cesaro. Zayn runs in the ring and takes Bliss "hostage" so he can get out of the ring unscathed.
  • Strowman gets on the mic and says that on Sunday they are going to get these hands and it'll be "too sweet."

The cowardice of @SamiZayn has no limits. #SmackDown pic.twitter.com/VCWQN20eLU

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) March 7, 2020

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Lacey Evans and Naomi

  • Banks pins Naomi after a double stomp while Naomi was tied up on the ropes in the corner

New Day Promo

  • They are asked about the gauntlet match tonight and how it's compared to Kofi-mania from last year. Kofi reminisces a bit, but says it's not about the past it's about the future.
  • Big E says that they have the stamina to outlast everyone else.


  • Bayley and Sasha Banks are walking backstage when they talk about how no one from the past, present or future can touch them. They can skip WrestleMania and go straight to the Hall of Fame.

Sheamus vs Apollo Crews

  • Before the match, Shorty G approaches Apollo in gorilla and offers to help him and sticks out his hand. Apollo walks away without shaking it.
  • Sheamus wins via pinfall after a Brogue Kick
  • Apollo got some offense in, but wasn't enough in a relatively short match.


  • Drake Maverick walks up to Drew Gulak in the locker room and says that he wants a shot at Daniel Bryan.
  • Gulak tries to explain how there's a lot to understand about Bryan's weaknesses when Daniel shows up behind him. Bryan tells Gulak to continue explaining his weaknesses. He tells Drew that if he's so confident that he knows his weaknesses, he should get in the ring with him.

.@WWEDanielBryan takes @DrewGulak to task and challenges him to a match at #WWEChamber. pic.twitter.com/nBn8od2KNB

— WWE (@WWE) March 7, 2020

Carmella and Dana Brooke vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville (with Dolph Ziggler)

  • Commentary says that Sonya invited Ziggler to be in their corner
  • Rose pins Brooke after a Running Knee, which was set up when Dolph distracted her

Firefly Fun House

  • Bray is putting up a bunch of pictures of Cena with x's on his eyes
  • He says that the fans are probably asking why he is targeting John Cena. Ramblin' Rabbit says that it's because Cena defeated him six years ago at WrestleMania, which led to a personal and professional downward spiral
  • Bray thanks Cena for creating this version of him. But what the people don't realize is that when the light appears, the dark will come out once more and that's the beauty of a circle and they'll go round and round.

"He is waiting at @WrestleMania. But unlike me, he is not so forgiving." - @WWEBrayWyatt on @JohnCena's opponent, The Fiend. #SmackDown pic.twitter.com/9SNcGAiqWA

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) March 7, 2020

King Corbin Interview

  • Backstage, Corbin says he and Roman are finished and he's here to talk about his plans for WrestleMania.
  • Elias interrupts him with his strumming. Corbin walks up to Elias, who says that the King's voice was annoying him so he wanted to tune him out. King Corbin says that Elias is a gimmick and a one-trick pony and if he continues like this he'll have to answer to his king.


  • Otis sees Mandy Rose backstage and Tucker tries to stop him, but he walks up to her and apologizes for what happened on Valentine's Day. He says that he received a text from her saying that she was going to be late.
  • Mandy says that it's too late and a woman doesn't like to be stood up.

Tag Team Gauntlet Match

  • New Day and Heavy Machinery are first
  • Otis pins Big E after a Compactor
  • Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) are next
  • Otis pins Lince Dorado after a Caterpillar
  • The Usos are next
  • Tucker pins Jimmy Uso after a roll up after kicking out of a Super Kick
  • The Miz and John Morrison are next
  • Tucker pins Morrison after an inside cradle when Miz and Morrison had the upperhand.
  • After the bell, Miz and Morrison take out Tucker and Otis with double team moves. They even throw Otis through the barricade in the time keeper's area.
  • Ziggler asks Mandy Rose, who is watching in gorilla, why she's watching this and to cheer for him.
  • Roode and Ziggler are last
  • Ziggler pins Otis with a Super Kick
  • The finish was set up when Otis was prepared to hit the Caterpillar on Robert Roode, but Ziggler got a blind tag.