WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results: Can Roman Reigns Win the Intercontinental Championship?

It's the first Friday Night SmackDown following this year's WWE Draft, and the blue brand will build towards the Crown Jewel pay-per-view.

The spotlight match announced for tonight's show is the Intercontinental Championshipbout between Roman Reigns and current champ, Shinsuke Nakamura. Reigns hasn't sniffed a championship opportunity in quite some time, but after Nakamura's manager/mouthpiece Sami Zayn talked trash about "The Big Dog" a challenge was issued, which the King of Strong Style accepted.

Can Reigns overcome the numbers game as Sami Zayn lurks on the side waiting to help Nakamura retain his title?

Bayley is the new SmackDown Women's Champion after a change in look and attitude. Defeating Charlotte Flair has put the former "huggable" one on top of the blue brand's women's division, but what caused this change? Miz TV will bring on Bayley to get to the bottom of this attitude shift.

Speaking of the title, six women will compete to become the new number-one contender for Bayey's championship. Nikki Cross, Carmella, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans will go at it in a six-pack challenge. Will the SmackDown stalwarts, Carmella, Deville or Rose come out on top, or will one of the new wrestlers drafted/traded from RAW get the first crack at Bayley?

Finally, we have a tag team showcase match, as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Revival team with Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler to take on Heavy Machinery and The New Day.

The Revival haven't had many challengers to their title since winning it, but this match could build the next tag team feud on SmackDown.

A lot can happen on tonight's Friday Night SmackDown and here's a rundown of all the happenings.

wwe smackdown shinsuke nakamura vs roman reigns


Shinsuke Nakamura (c) with Sami Zayn vs Roman Reigns - Intercontinental Championship Match

  • Sami is on commentary but gets involved early to help Shinsuke. The feud is based on Shinsuke and Sami feeling disrespected by SmackDown picking Roman Reigns over the Intercontinental Champion in the Draft.
  • Roman Reigns wins via disqualification after King Corbin hits Roman with the scepter.
  • Corbin is getting involved because of what The Rock did a couple of weeks ago. Baron hits Roman with a Deep Six when Daniel Bryan comes out for the save. Daniel Bryan clears the ring, but Sami grabs Bryan's leg allowing for Shinuske to hit the Kinchasa.


  • The New Day are singing backstage in the locker room when Heavy Machinery brings a picnic table. Tucker says that although they'll face each other at Crown Jewel in the tag team turmoil, they want to build chemistry before tonight's match. Otis comes out with pancake batter and they mix protein powder before Otis eats the batter. They are all on the same page now.
  • Should be noted that when asked about his WWE title loss, Kofi says that he has the power of positivity but viewers can see him crumbling a pancake in his hand.

King Corbin Interview

  • Corbin is asked backstage about the attack. Corbin puts on his crown and just laughs before walking off.

Shorty Gable vs Curtis Axel (with Bo Dallas)

  • Shorty Gable wins via submission after an Ankle Lock
  • After the match Gable is interviewed about the comments regarding his height. Gable says that his height is what makes him who he is and it's ok to be exactly who you are. He thanks those who made fun of him because now he embraces who he is. He says that he wants to be called Shorty G now.

Hulk Hogan Interview

  • Hogan calls in from Florida through Skype. He says that no one should worry about Team Hogan after Seth Rollins drops out.
  • Hogan says that Shorty G and Ali will be on his team and that he will announce the team captain by the end of the night.

The New Day (Xavier Woods and Big E) and Heavy Machinery vs The Revival and Robert Roode/Dolph Ziggler

  • Woods pins Dawson after a Midnight Hour

Daniel Bryan Interview

  • He says that getting beat up doesn't mess with his psyche and he doesn't care about Twitter beefs or where he was drafted he cares about having his first match on Friday Night SmackDown.

Miz TV with Bayley

  • Bayley comes out with new entrance music and Sasha Banks
  • Miz asks why the change in attitude. Bayley says she doesn't owe him or anyone an explanation.
  • Miz asks about the kids that idolized her. Miz continues to press Bayley and asks if it's because she always plays second fiddle to Sasha. Banks says
  • Bayley says that she did what she did was because it defined her whole career. And that she gave and gave to the fans her whole career and realized all they do is take. She realizes that when she lost at Hell in a Cell, she realized no one was there for her. She says that she lifted them up, but she had to lift herself up and won her title back by herself. She says that she thought the SmackDown Women's division was lacking opportunity realized it was just lazy. And she realizes that she outgrew them.
  • Nikki Cross comes out and says that the time for talking is over. She says that when she wins she'll go to Bayley and give her a big hug.
  • Dana Brooke comes out and says that what motivates her is being underutilized and overlooked but she can feel a change tonight. Lacey Evans comes out to interrupt her.

Nikki Cross vs Dana Brooke vs Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville vs Carmella

  • Nikki Cross pins Mandy Rose after a Swinging Neckbreaker

Braun Strowman vs Drew Gulak

  • Gulak gets on the mic and asks to properly introduce himself. He says he's a former Cruiserweight Champion and he's the pre-emptive combat sports historian and tells Strowman that if goes into the fight like a monster Tyson Fury will knock him out.
  • He tells Strowman he wants Braun to win and he has a way to help him. He has a 345-slide in a powerpoint presentation.
  • Strowman wins via pinfall after a Running Powerslam

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura (with Sami Zan)

  • It's announced before the match that Roman Reigns is the captain of Team Hogan
  • Bryan pins Nakamura after the Running Knee