WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results: 5/21 Show Includes More Lashley Backstory

Another Monday, another Monday Night RAW. As the WWE draws closer to the Money in the Bank PPV in June, the flagship show continues to determine which men and women will be in the titular ladder matches. That's not all though, as we will learn more about Bobby Lashley's weird backstage interview where he talked about his sisters.

Will @SamiZayn expose the truth about @fightbobby?
Will @JinderMahal seek retribution against @WWERomanReigns?
Who will be next to qualify for the Women's #MITB #LadderMatch?

There are LOTS of questions heading into tonight's #RAW! pic.twitter.com/dtciJdmLo4

— WWE (@WWE) May 21, 2018

As seen last week, Sami Zayn promised to bring Bobby Lashley's sisters to this week's RAW. It's still unclear what Zayn has in mind, or if this is all some kind of trick to throw Lashley off his game.

Sami Zayn has a secret to share on tonight's Monday Night RAW WWE

Jinder Mahal cut a promo for social media recently, promising to meet Roman Reigns in "his yard" tonight. Expect to see these two Superstars to continue their feud. As for other matches to expect, Seth Rollins' open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship is still running, so expect to see a match with him tonight against a mystery opponent. We also may see some action from the four RAW Superstars confirmed for the Men's Money in the Bank match: Bobby Roode, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens.

Live WWE Raw Results For May 21

Opening Segment

  • The show opens with Kurt Angle walking to the ring.
  • Ronda Rousey announced to be in the house tonight.
  • There's going to be a contract signing. Unless Nia turns heel, will there not be a table spot?
  • Stephanie McMahon walks out to the ring, in her first appearance since the night after WrestleMania.
  • Stephanie announces her grudge with Angle and Rousey is "water under the bridge."
  • She recognizes the "You tapped out" chants, and says she's forgiven everything.
  • Stephanie will be in the ring for the women's championship contract signing, instead of Kurt.
  • Roman Reigns walks out to interrupt Stephanie's rant about him.
  • Stephanie doesn't understand Roman's new-found aggression, and threatens to fire him.
  • Roman demands more respect from the Commissioner, threatens to destroy the other Superstars.
  • Roman brings up Brock Lesnar, then demands "the truth" about Jinder Mahal interfering in his MitB qualifying match.
  • Kevin Owens walks down the ramp now, no Sami Zayn at his side.
  • Kevin thanks Roman for losing, and giving him the opportunity at Money in the Bank.
  • Kevin praises Stephanie for allowing him onto the RAW roster, and says that is proof for her desire to do what is best for business.
  • Makes a match between Kevin and Roman, which happens immediately.

Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns

  • Match ends in a DQ when Jinder Mahal runs out and attacks Roman.
  • Seth Rollins runs out to make the save.

Kevin Owens and Jinder Mahal vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

  • We have a tag match on our hands!
  • Rollins pins Owens after hitting his Stomp.
  • Jinder shows back up with a chair and attacks both Reigns and Rollins, but mostly Reigns.
  • The refs finally chase Jinder to the back, then tend to the ex-Shield bros.

Bobby Lashley Exposed segment with Sami Zayn

  • Opens with a recap of the Bobby Lashley interview from two weeks ago.
  • Sami enters the ring, then invites the Lashley sisters to the ring. They look suspect, to say the least.
  • The "sisters" reveal the "truth" behind Lashley's stories.
  • Lashley finally comes out to end this awkward segment.
  • Lashley is beat down by his "sisters" but comes out on top.

Alexa Bliss backstage interview

  • Alexa talks about losing to Ember Moon, says she didn't even know who Ember was.

Alexa Bliss (with Mickey James) vs Ember Moon

  • Both women are already confirmed for the Women's Money in the Bank match.
  • Ember hits the Eclipse and gets the win.

Finn and Braun approach Stephanie backstage

  • The guys want a rematch against Ziggler and McIntyre.
  • Stephanie makes a match of Finn against Braun, Finn doesn't look pleased.

No Way Jose vs Baron Corbin

  • Baron wins after hitting the End of Days.

Chad Gable backstage segment

  • Chad interrupts Kurt Angle, who is trying to get a signal on his cell phone.
  • Ziggler and McIntyre show up. Gable gets a match for later tonight.

The B-Team vs Breezango

  • Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel walk to the ring.
  • Their opponents are revealed to be Breezango.
  • The B-Team gets the win, then celebrate way too hard in the ring, including dancing with the ref.

Women's Championship Contract Signing Segment

  • Stephanie starts in the ring, hyping up the match.
  • Nia Jax enters first, Ronda follows.
  • Stephanie tries to rile up Ronda, but Rousey isn't having it.
  • Nia gets upset, Rousey gets into intimidation mode.
  • Ronda calmly moves the table out of the way as the two women go face-to-face.
  • There's a tense handshake, while Ronda says she'll win after locking in her signature armbar.

Dolph Ziggler (with Drew McIntyre) vs Chad Gable

  • After their backstage confrontation, both wrestlers with strong amateur backgrounds look to prove themselves in the ring.
  • Ziggler wins with a Superkick.
  • McIntyre hits the Claymore on Gable, just because.

Natalya vs Liv Morgan vs Sarah Logan vs Dana Brooke (Women's MitB Qualifier Match)

  • Natalya submits Sarah Logan with the Sharpshooter to earn her way into the Women's Money in the Bank match.

Elias vs Bobby Roode

  • Elias wins via the Drift Away.

Main Event - Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor

  • Braun walks out and destorys Elias during his victory.
  • Finn almost wins by count out, but Strowman makes in back to the ring just in time.
  • Strowman picks Finn up from the top turnbuckle, hits the running powerslam and gets the victory.