WWE Superstar Elias Hears it From Seattle Crowd After Supersonics Joke

WWE Superstar Elias became the target of a chorus of boos from the Seattle crowd on Monday Night RAW after bringing up the city's former basketball team, the Supersonics.

During his usual musical segment, Elias was joined by his Super Show-Down partner Kevin Owens to talk about their match when the Drifter brought up the Seattle Supersonics in a clever way. Owens started the conversation saying how he and Elias are great guys and it makes sense that they team up, but John Cena teaming with Bobby Lashley doesn't.

Elias added saying "It doesn't makes sense. It's like having a basketball team in Seattle." The crowd didn't like that comment and they let the duo know it.

Watch the Monday Night RAW crowd in Seattle boo Elias and Kevin Owens below.

The boos would continue for some time and would only get louder when Elias brought up the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Owens and Elias would eventually power through the segment despite the crowd noise. Even Lio Rush wasn't spared from the crowd noise as the rowdy fans continued to show their displeasure with Elias when the babyface tried to get through his promo.

Elias is one of the best promos in the WWE when it comes to getting "heel heat" from the crowd by running down the city they are in. He usually brings up a sports team when doing so, and Seattle was a prime target for his latest segment.

For those who are unaware, the Seattle Supersonics were created in 1967 before the team was bought and moved them to Oklahoma City in 2008. The team name was changed to the Thunder and Seattle has been left without an NBA team since.

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