WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results: Money in the Bank Competitors Square Off

Money in the Bank is only a couple of weeks away, WWE will give fans a preview of what to expect on the June 4 episode of Monday Night RAW.

According to WWE.com's RAW preview, two matches will feature the MITB participants on the RAW side. The first sees Kevin Owens face off against Finn Balor, after KO tossed Balor from the top rope last week. Balor was challenging Braun Strowman when Owens made his presence known, resulting in a disqualification.

The second match is between Strowman and Bobby Roode. After Owens pinned Roode last week, Strowman arrived to get revenge on KO after his interference. Roode wasn't exempt from the Monster Among Men's rampage, as Strowman delivered a Running Powerslam to the Glorious One.

On the women's side, RAW Women's Champion Nia Jax takes on Natalya. After Jax disrespected Ronda Rousey last week, Natalya looks to defend her friend's honor by fighting the champ for the first time.

Here are all the results for the June 4 episode of Monday Night RAW.

Live WWE Raw Results for June 4

Opening Segment

  • Elias starts things off with his usual song to the crowd and says he'll be more valuable once he becomes Intercontinental Champion at Money in the Bank.
  • Seth Rollins interrupts Elias and gets a chair. He knocks the guitar out of Elias' hands and just when Seth is about to get the upperhand, Jinder hits him from behind.
  • Roman comes in for the save and clears the ring, which caues Kurt Angle to come out and make a tag team match between Roman/Rollins and Jinder/Elias.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs Elias and Jinder Mahal

  • Elias pins Seth Rollins after hitting a DDT on a chair, then a Drift Away.
  • Sunil Singh went to hit Rollins with a chair, but Seth took it away and chased him into the ring, where Elias was waiting.

Curt Hawkins vs Jobber (James Harden)

  • Hawkins comes out with a 199 losing streak and tells the audience that when he wins tonight, everyone will get a free taco.
  • Hawkins is putting it to the jobber and looks like he's about to win, when Baron Corbin comes out. Corbin hits the End of Days on Harden, causing a DQ and a loss for Hawkins.


  • Corbin is in Kurt's office and Angle asks about his actions. Baron says he'll explain, but first he goes to WWE HQ to talk about his place on RAW, pulling out a letter.
  • The letter states that new "checks and balances" will be put in place and Corbin is the new constable of Monday Night RAW.

Natalya vs Nia Jax (with Ronda Rousey on commentary)

  • Nia pins Natalya after a Samoan Drop.
  • Natalya had the upper hand but tweaked her knee, giving Jax the opportunity to finish her.
  • After the match, Natalya is selling her knee and Nia wants to see if she's ok. Ronda goes to the ring to check on her friend. Jax continues to check on Natalya but Ronda keeps telling the champ to just go.


  • Renee Young asks Bobby Roode about his first MITB match and says he's excited.
  • When asked about his match with Braun Strowman, he changes his tune and says he's just looking to survive.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Roode

  • Strowman pins Roode after a Running Powerslam.
  • The highlight of the match is Strowman breaking a ladder in half.


  • In the locker room, Ronda checks on Natalya when Nia Jax comes in. Ronda tells her to get out of here and the two argue when Natalya stops them. She says she knows the injury was an accident but she just wants to be alone and leaves.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt Promo

  • Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt cut a promo before the match, saying it doesn't matter who wins the Battle Royal.

Tag Team Battle Royal (Titus Worldwide, The Ascension, Breezango, Slater & Rhyno, The Revival, The B-Team, Dolph and McIntyre)

  • Tyle Breeze eliminates Dolph Ziggler but McIntyre/Ziggler run through the rest of the teams before they refs kick them out.
  • B-Team wins after Slater accidentally knocks Rhyno out of the ring.

Bobby Lashley and Sami Zayn segment

  • Lashley comes out and calls Sami out to the ring to face him.
  • Zayn appears in the audience and calls Lashley a fraud.

.@SamiZayn officially crossed the line with @fightbobby after this accusation on #Raw... pic.twitter.com/qMifHzrsmp

— WWE (@WWE) June 5, 2018

Backstage Interview

  • Jinder talks about wanting to make a name for himself.
  • Roman is interviewed about his upcoming match with Jinder at MITB, asking what Mahal has done lately. The two get into an argument before Roman finds Jinder backstage. The two fight and Roman is pulled off Mahal by refs.

The Riott Squad vs Sasha Banks/Ember Moon/Alexa Bliss

  • Alexa seems to have tweaked a hamstring and walks out of the match.
  • Bayley comes in and tags herself in.
  • Bayley pins Sara Logan after a Bayley to Belly.
  • Immediately backstage, Kurt and Corbin are watching the match unfold. Baron tells Angle that Bayley shouldn't be allowed to insert herself into the match and that Kurt needs to tell Ember Moon and Sasha that their victory is invalid.


  • Sasha, Bayley and Ember celebrate their victory. Ember says that Bayley saved them, which makes Sasha have a face when Kurt comes in. He tells them that Riott Squad will get the victory because of Bayley's interference.

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens

  • Balor wins via DQ after KO didn't stop when the ref told him.
  • Upset with the result, Kevin Owens hits Balor with a Frog Splash.
  • KO gets a ladder and stands it up to do the Frog Splash from the top but gets cold feet. Balor gets up and knocks KO off the ladder and performs a Coup de Grace from the top of the ladder on KO and then climbs the ladder again to grab the Money in the Bank briefcase.