WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results: The Final Stop Before Royal Rumble

It's the final episode of Monday Night RAW before this year's Royal Rumble pay-per-view, and we already know a good number of the entrants in this year's men's and women's Royal Rumble match. Will we see more competitors confirmed tonight? We'll have to watch and find out.

Last week, Finn Balor shocked the world with one win over Jinder Mahal and another win later that night in a four-way match with John Cena, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin to secure himself a Universal Championship opportunity against Brock Lesnar. Will the champ respond to his new challenger?

Bobby Lashley won the Intercontinental Championship at last week's RAW. It will be curious to see if Lashley and his manager Lio Rush try for a title defense at Royal Rumble, or if they will avoid any potential challengers.

We also know Sasha Banks and Ronda Rousey will do battle against each other tonight in tag-team competition. Banks is teaming with her longtime ally Bayley, while Rousey is joined by her friend Natalya.

Will Ronda or Sasha gain momentum heading into their RAW Women's Championship match at Royal Rumble WWE

Monday Night RAW Live Results

[This article will update as RAW airs]

Opening Segment

  • RAW opens with a video package celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • After the video ends, Brock Lesnar makes his entrance with Paul Heyman at his side. Heyman cuts his normal promo, putting Finn Balor over. "I believe in Finn Balor," he says. Of course, the promo ends with Heyman saying Brock will still win the match and continue his championship reign.
  • Mr. McMahon himself walks to the ring now.
  • McMahon tells the story of David and Goliath, but David is killed and reincarnated as Finn Balor. However, McMahon closes his argument saying if you believe Balor can defeat Lesnar, you believe in fairy tales.
  • Braun Strowman now makes his way to the ring. Strowman says he'll wait until after Royal Rumble, and if Lesnar still has the belt, Strowman will "Rip him apart."
  • This summons Finn Balor to the ring.
  • Finn reiterates that he earned his championship opportunity, and says he and the fans do believe in fairy tales. Strowman interrupts and says Finn "damn well better" beat Lesnar.
  • Finn says he'll do what Strowman can't and get a win over The Beast Incarnate. Finn then corrects McMahon on the story of David and Goliath.
  • McMahon sets up Strowman versus Balor with Lesnar sitting ringside for the first match of the night.

Braun Strowman vs. Finn Balor

  • Lesnar hits Balor with a suplex, but the match continues
  • Balor fires back at Lesnar with several well-timed kicks
  • Strowman has an altercation with his worst enemy, the ring post
  • Balor hits Strowman with the Coup de Grace, but Lesnar interferes and hits Balor with an F5
  • The match is finally called in a disqualification

Bobby Lashley Celebration Segment

  • Lashley and his hype man Lio Rush make their entrance
  • Rush says Lashley is better than Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and everyone else in the locker room
  • Rush says "open challenges are for kids." Lashley is a pro fighter, and he fights for money instead of fun
  • Lashley procedes to pose with his belt
  • Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring, says nobody paid to see Lashley pose
  • Crews issues a challenge to Lashley, Lio says Crews isn't in Lashley's league
  • Lio challenges Crews to a pose-off
  • Crews accepts as Lashley hits his first pose
  • Crews starts hitting poses now
  • Lashley poses more, while Crews does a little dance
  • Lashley finally attacks Crews
  • Crews survives the assault and throws Rush into Lashley

Apollo Crews vs Bobby Lashley

  • Back from commercial and the match is already underway
  • Rush interferes, which gives Lashley the window to hit a spear on Crews
  • Lashley gets the win, Seth Rollins makes his entrance
  • Lashley and Rollins have a short stare-down as Rollins prepares for his match

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre

  • Rollins talks about Martin Luther King Jr. and says we can still learn from him to this day
  • Rollins says he used to have two titles and two brothers by his side, but now he has none of it
  • After Rollins says he'll win the Royal Rumble, Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring
  • McIntyre says there is a zero percent chance Rollins will win the Rumble
  • Unsurprisingly, McIntyre says he will win the Rumble instead of Rollins
  • It's commercial break time as we prepare for the match
  • The match is underway as we come back from commercial
  • Rollins beats McIntyre with a surprise roll-up pin

Backstage Segment

  • The Revival corner Mr. McMahon and beg for a match with a good referee
  • McMahon nominates Kurt Hawkins to be ref
  • Back from the commercial break, and Dean Ambrose cuts a promo how him not being the Intercontinental Champ is an injustice
  • Ambrose says he'll win the Rumble, and he owns the road to Wrestlemania

Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers vs Lucha House Party

  • Gran Metalik picks up the victory for the Lucha House Party

Backstage Segment

  • EC3 video package airs
  • Dana Brooke compliments EC3's appearance after the video finishes
  • Elias walks by on his way to the ring as we go to another commercial break

Elias Segment

  • Elias is in the ring playing a song on his guitar
  • As Elias starts a new song, Baron Corbin interrupts
  • Corbin threatens Elias, so Elias tries to play his music
  • Corbin's microphone is cut, giving Elias the spotlight

Elias vs Baron Corbin

  • Corbin hits Elias in the throat with a cheap shot
  • Corbin hits the End of Days on Elias and picks up a victory

Alexa Bliss Segment

  • Alexa comes out for her A Moment of Bliss talk show
  • Bliss runs through a number of the women's Royal Rumble contestants
  • 21 women are already confirmed for the Rumble
  • Bliss introduces her guest tonight, Nia Jax
  • Jax is interrupted by Ember Moon
  • Moon walks out and says she will win the Rumble on Sunday
  • Alicia Fox enters and declares herself the future victor of the Rumble
  • Mickey James repeats the process
  • Most of the RAW women's roster makes an appearance now, and Bliss takes control of the situation
  • The women start brawling at the top of the ramp
  • The brawl spills into the back as the women exit
  • Alexa announces she will compete in the Royal Rumble herself
  • Lacey Evans ruins the moment for Alexa
  • Evans says the women's roster is classless, then declares herself the Rumble winner

Heavy Machinery vs The Ascention

  • Before the match, Titus O'Neil announced he was entering the Royal Rumble
  • Heavy Machinery pick up the win

The Revival vs Gable and Roode with Kurt Hawkins as Guest Ref

  • This is a RAW Tag Team Championship match
  • Hawkins enforces the tag rope rule, negating a tag from Gable to Roode
  • Hawkins surprisingly is calling all the illegal moves in the match for both teams
  • Gable gets the pin and retains the Tag Team titles with Roode
  • The Revival attack Hawkins after the match
  • Zack Ryder runs out to clear out The Revival and save Hawkins

Backstage Segment

  • Ronda Rousey says she doesn't owe Sasha Banks anything, especially not an apology
  • Rousey cuts a weird, rambling promo saying she'll beat Sasha

Ronda Rousey and Natalya vs Sasha Banks and Bayley

  • Sasha starts cutting a promo
  • The words end and the match is underway
  • Sasha gets the win with a Banks Statement on Natalya
  • The show ends with Sasha and Ronda getting into a post-match brawl

So what do you think? Who are you rooting for at the Royal Rumble this Sunday? What did you think of tonight's episode of RAW? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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