WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results: What is Stephanie McMahon's Announcement?

It's the last Monday Night RAW before WrestleMania 35 and the WWE Universe is ready to see what the go-home show will do to hype up Sunday's festivities.

The top story going into this week's Monday Night RAW is an announcement from Stephanie McMahon regarding the first-ever WrestleMania main event featuring women. What Stephanie will say is anyone's guess, but with how many highs and lows the feud between Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey has gone through anything is possible.

Speaking of Lynch, Charlotte and Ronda, the three women vying for the RAW Women's Championship will team up tonight against the Riott Squad. It's classic "can they work together?" storytelling before the three women go at it on Sunday but it'll surely make for an interesting wrinkle.

The RAW Tag Team Championships are on the line tonight as the Revival take on the challengers, Ricochet and Aleister Black. Black and Ricochet pinns The Revival on two separate occasions and are ready to take the tag straps and walk into WrestleMania as the new "Top Guys."

In more Tag Team action, the Women's Tag Champs Sasha Banks and Bayley will team with Natalya and Beth Phoenix to take on Tamina and Nia Jax, and The IIconics. With all four teams looking to leave WrestleMania as the Tag Champs, will any of the women be able to work together and gain some momentum heading into the weekend.

There's a lot expected to go down on this week's episode of Monday Night RAW and here's a rundown of everything that happened on the April 1 episode of Monday Night RAW.

Stephanie_McMahon_bio wwe monday night raw
Stephanie McMahon has a WrestleMania announcement to make. WWE


Opening Segment

  • Stephanie McMahon starts the night off by saying she's going to be the fourth woman in the main event - it's an April Fool's Day joke.
  • She announces that all the titles will be on the line. The winner of the Triple Threat match will win both the RAW and SmackDown Women's Championships.

Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman Promo

  • Heyman reiterates that the winner will take all, and Brock Lesnar will take all that Seth Rollins has to offer. He will take Rollins' best shot and take everything Seth has in life. Heyman says that Lesnar will walk out of WrestleMania the champion.
  • Seth Rollins interrupts and says that no one wants Lesnar in the WWE. He says that beating Lesnar may be improbable, but it's not impossible. Rollins says he will beat Lesnar at WrestleMania and there is nothing Brock can do about it.
  • Lesnar shoulders Rollins as he tries to leave the ring. Seth stops him and hits Lesnar low. Brock hits Seth with a German Suplex, but when he goes for the F-5, Rollins reverses and hits a low blow. Rollins then hits the Stomp.


  • Seth is asked backstage that if he hits Lesnar with a low blow he will be disqualified. Seth shrugs it off and says Brock had it coming and walks away.

Sasha Banks/Bayley and Natalya/Beth Phoenix vs Nia Jax/Tamina and The IIconics

  • Beth Phoenix pins Peyton Royce after a Glam Slam.

Batista Segment

  • After a video package, Batista looks into the camera and says "Hunter, kiss my ass."

Elias Segment

  • Elias is outside MetLife stadium and talking about how the spotlight will be on him during his WrestleMania performance. Although other artists have played at MetLife, everyone will be talking about his performance.

Jinder Mahal vs Apollo Crews

  • Superstars involved in the Andre Battle Royal are outside the ring and include: EC3, The Ascension, Titus O'Neil, Rhyno, No Way Jose, Lucha House Party, Tyler Breeze, the B-Team, Heath Slater
  • Apollo Crews wins via pinfall after a Frog Splash
  • After the match the Lumberjacks get in the ring and start a huge scrum, with Apollo "eliminating" everyone.

Kurt Angle Promo

  • Angle says that tonight is the last time he'll be on RAW and that he thanks
  • A video package of Angle's career is shown.
  • Baron Corbin comes out and says that the man in the video is not the one in the ring. He says that Kurt struggles to take off his jacket. He says that the superstars of today are simply better, especially him. Baron says that the WWE Universe needs to stop filling his Twitter timeline about Kurt deserving a better opponent. Baron says that the last image of Kurt the fans will have is him lying on his back.
  • Kurt challenges Baron to a match tonight. Baron walks up to the ring before changing him mind. He says that if he fought Kurt now, Angle won't make it to 'Mania.
  • Rey Mysterio comes out and challenges Corbin on behalf of Kurt. Corbin suckerpunches Mysterio and tries to take out Kurt, but Angle hits him with an Angle Slam.

Charlotte Flair Interview

  • Charlotte is asked about Stephanie's announcement earlier. Charlotte says that the same way she blindsided Asuka to win the title, she will blindside the WWE Universe when she wins both women's championships.
  • Charlotte says she's a professional, so she won't jeopardize the tag team match later. But Ronda and Becky better stay away from her after the match is over or they won't make it to Sunday.

Ricochet/Aleister Black vs The Revival (c) - RAW Tag Team Championship Match

  • The Revival win via countout
  • After a scrum on the outside, Dawson held Ricochet's leg while hiding underneath the ring.
  • After the match, Aleister Black and Ricochet take out The Revival

Ronda Interview

  • Ronda doesn't want to talk about Sunday, she just wants to fight and beat down the Riott Squad while Becky and Charlotte watch. Sunday will be their judgment day, but if they provoke her it will be tonight.

Braun Strowman Segment

  • Alexa Bliss is talking about how she's doing a good job getting Colin Jost and Michael Che into the Andre Battle Royal with Tyler Breeze and EC3. They laugh about how they like the SNL guys when Braun Strowman appears and asks what's so funny. They say two stagehands were watching Weekend Update and Braun approaches them and scares them.

Roman Reigns Interview

  • Roman is asked if he's ready for WrestleMania. He says he's always prepared when Dre McIntyre comes out of nowhere and starts beating him down. Drew says that Roman should have said no to his challenge.

Becky Lynch Interview

  • Becky says she will leave WrestleMania the first RAW and SmackDown women's champion. She had Ronda beat months ago and now they are tagging her with Lynch and Rousey so she can get herself kicked out of the match. The only way to avoid the McMahon's machinations is to win all the gold.

The Riott Squad vs Becky Lynch/Ronda Rousey/Charlotte Flair

  • Whoever between Becky/Ronda/Charlotte betrays the team they will be kicked out of the WrestleMania main event.
  • Ronda taps out Liv Morgan
  • After the bell, Ronda goes after Charlotte. Becky jumps into the brawl and the three women start fighting. Security and police come out to separate the three women. Ronda, Becky and Charlotte are all handcuffed.
  • All three women fight in the back.

Bobby Roode/Chad Gable vs Heavy Machinery

  • During the match, Lacey Evans comes out and distracts.
  • Otis pins Gable after a Compactor

Braun Strowman vs 2 Local Competitors - Handicap Match

  • Strowman wins after pinning both men after a Double Power Slam

Bobby Lashley Interview

  • Bobby is asked if he's concerned for Sunday. Lio Rush says that Finn never pinned Bobby.
  • He's asked of the rumors that Finn will bring out the demon. Bobby says Finn and the demon are the same so it doesn't matter.
  • Finn Balor shows up on the titantron and tells Bobby he should be concerned before he unveils the demon. The "demon" will take on Bobby at WrestleMania.

Rey Mysterio vs Baron Corbin

  • Corbin wins via pinfall after a Deep Six
  • After the match, while Corbin is walking up the ramp Kurt Angle ambushes Baron and hits the Ankle Lock