WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results: How Will Roman Reigns React to Brock Lesnar's Tirade?

There's only two more shows before WWE SummerSlam on Aug. 19, and the card is beginning to fill up. However, the Aug. 6 episode of Monday Night RAW is expected to fuel feuds heading into the "biggest party of the summer."

According to WWE.com, there are two confirmed matches for tonight. The first is Mojo Rawley vs Bobby Roode after the two scuffled in the locker room last week. The second marks the RAW in-ring debut of Ronda Rousey as she takes on Alicia Fox.

The Rowdy One took a beating from Fox and RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. Now Ronda looks to get revenge on Fox before refocusing her aggression on the champ.

The saga between Roman Reigns and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar continues as they get closer to their match at SummerSlam. After Lesnar took out RAW General Manager Kurt Angle and incapacitated Paul Heyman, what will Reigns say tonight? Here are the live results from the evening.


Opening Segment

  • After a recap package of what Brock Lesnar did last week, Kurt Angle comes out with Constable Baron Corbin.
  • Angle reiterates how tonight is Ronda Rousey's in-ring debut on RAW. Unlike another former UFC Champion, she doesn't complain. He also says that Paul Heyman's job is safe when Roman Reigns interrupts.
  • Roman espects Angle, but says he made a mistake by kicking him out last week. Reigns calls out Corbin for not doing anything when Angle got hit with the F-5. Reigns worries his match with Lesnar will be cancelled.
  • Angle says Lesnar isn't suspended, but hopes Roman kicks Brock's ass. Corbin interrupts and calls Kurt unprofessional for taking sides. Corbin runs down Roman and Kurt, which causes Angle to make a match between Reigns and Baron.

Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin

  • Corbin delivers a cheap shot before the bell rings.
  • Corbin leaves the ring willing to take the count out when Finn Balor shows up on the ramp and chases him back to the ring.
  • Reigns wins via pinfall after a Spear.
  • After the match, Balor attacks Corbin and drops a Coup de Grace.


  • Seth Rollins approaches Angle, saying he needs to take care of both Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Angle tells Seth to find a tag partner and he'll have a match against the two of them.

Bobby Roode vs Mojo Rawley

  • Roode wins via pinfall after a Glorious DDT.

Elias Segment

  • Elias comes out with a camera crew to film his second documentary. Elias goes on about the town and talks about Bobby Lashley.
  • Lashely comes out and insults Elias.
  • Elias is about to leave when he attacks Lashley. Bobby comes out on top after a Spine Buster.


  • Tyler Breeze approaches Seth Rollins about being his partner for tonight. Breeze does the Shield Fist when Roman comes in to be Rollins' partner.

Rezar (with Akam) vs Titus (with Apollo Crews)

  • Rezar wins via pinfall after a Spine Buster.

Kevin Owens Show

  • Owens' guest is Jinder Mahal, his personal guru.
  • Owens thanks Jinder and says he's never been more at peace and relaxed.
  • Owens says he did the impossible by defeating Braun Strowman, and reiterates how Jinder defeated Strowman via countout last week.
  • Owens vows to defeat Strowman at SummerSlam and win the MITB briefcase. He says he hasn't been the same since he lost the Universal Champion.
  • Kevin then calls out Strowman to face Jinder but doesn't show up. However, the platform they were on starts to shake. Strowman can be seen tipping it over and dropping Mahal and Owens.

Braun Strowman vs Jinder Mahal

  • Kevin Owens takes Strowman's MITB, but Braun gets it back and makes it in the ring before the 10 count.
  • Mahal wins via DQ after Strowman hits Jinder with the briefcase by mistake.


  • Corbin, on the phone with Stephanie, passes it to Kurt Angle who gives the GM an undisclosed order.
  • Before the match, Kurt and Corbin approach Roman and Seth. Baron relays Stephanie's message that Roman can't participate to protect the SummerSlam main event. If Roman defies Stephanie, he forfeits his match.
  • Seth Rollins has to face McIntyre and Ziggler alone.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins

  • Ziggler/McIntyre wins via pinfall.

B-Team vs The Revival

  • No contest after Hardy and Wyatt teleport in and take out both teams.

Paul Heyman Interview

  • Heyman doesn't know what his business ties to Lesnar are. He confirms he hasn't spoken to Lesnar after last week.
  • Heyman is paranoid this interview will make Brock angry.
  • When asked if he'd advocate for someone else, Heyman says he can't just move on right now.
  • Heyman says Reigns doesn't stand a chance against Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Sarah Logan/Liv Morgan vs Sasha Banks/Bayley

  • Logan/Morgan wins via pinfall after Logan rolls up Banks.
  • After a hooded figure pulls Morgan out of the way of Bayley's offense. The figure reveals herself to be Ruby Riott.

Alicia Fox (with Alexa Bliss) vs Ronda Rousey (with Natalya)

  • Rousey wins via submission after an Arm Bar.
  • After the match, Bliss tried to attack Ronda but was thwarted by a Judo Flip.