WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results: Who Answers Seth Rollins Open Challenge?

Title defenses are expected to go down on the latest episode of WWE's Monday Night RAW.

According to WWE.com, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins is set to issue an open challenge for his title tonight. With multiple Superstars staking claim to answering that challenge on social media, who will step up to take on The Architect?

The other title defense comes in the RAW Tag Team division as the champs, Authors of Pain, take on Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. Roode and Gable got the best of AOP last week, but can they capture the Tag Titles or will the champs snuff them out?

On the non-title front, acting RAW general manager Baron Corbin (along with Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre) took out Braun Strowman for an extended period of time last week. Finn Balor is stepping up to take on his longtime nemesis in Corbin, but will "The Constable" be alone during their match?

Here's everything that happened on the Nov. 26 episode of Monday Night RAW.

seth rollins intercontinental belt raw
Seth Rollins looks to keep the Intercontinental Championship on RAW. WWE


Opening Segment

  • Baron Corbin starts the night off with Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush and Drew McIntyre. They run down the crowd and say that they are thankful for the beatdown they gave Braun Strowman the week prior.
  • After a recap package of the six-man elimination match from last week, Corbin says that he sent a camera crew to Birmingham, Alabama to check on Braun Strowman. Strowman says that he will get all three of them when he gets back from surgery.
  • Corbin says that Strowman won't make his TLC match against him but it will still be on. So when the match is on and Strowman doesn't show he will be permanent general manager of RAW.
  • Suddenly the lights go out and Elias appears on the ramp with his guitar. He says that anyone would do a better job as GM than Corbin, but he has to deal with Lashley. Elias does a song running down Lashley as he makes his way to the ring.

.@BaronCorbinWWE, @fightbobby & @DMcIntyreWWE are feeling EXTRA thankful this holiday season! #Raw pic.twitter.com/dwsOGMFvkD

— WWE (@WWE) November 27, 2018

Elias vs Bobby Lashley (with Corbin, Rush and McIntyre)

  • Elias wins via disqualification after Lio Rush pulled the referee before a three count.
  • Baron Corbin resumes the match and makes it No DQ.
  • Lashley wins via pinfall after the three men beat down Elias with chairs and finishers


  • Corbin berates the lighting guy after letting Elias interrupt and fires him.
  • He's approached by Alexa Bliss who says that she wants to help him. Corbin puts her in charge of the entire women's division.

Dean Ambrose Promo

  • Ambrose is in a doctor's office and says that he won't be caught dead in Milwaukee. He's getting his shots for all sorts of diseases, but he will be in Houston next week.

.@TheDeanAmbrose had to take a little trip to his personal physician, which is why he isn't at #Raw... pic.twitter.com/3rKlYfnPN1

— WWE (@WWE) November 27, 2018

Lucha House Party vs The Revival - Lucha House Rules

  • Before the match, The Revival say the Lucha House Party don't respect Tag Team wrestling.
  • Lucha House Party wins via pinfall

Nia Jax Promo

  • Nia says that she is thankful for leading the RAW Women's Survivor Series team to victory and putting Becky Lynch on the shelf.
  • She says that she took Ronda's opponent away at Survivor Series and she should get used to Nia taking things from her because at TLC she will take the RAW Women's Championship.
  • After showing some clips of Ronda being beaten by Nia at Money in the Bank and Charlotte at Survivor Series, Jax says that Rousey hasn't seen her worst day yet.
  • Ronda interrupts and says that Nia is lucky for being from a warrior culture where she has incredible strength but that's where her luck runs out. She challenges Nia to a match right there.
  • Nia Jax says no and that she can beat her now but she just washed Becky's blood from her knuckles. She was actually stalling for time as Tamina and Nia surround Ronda when Natalya comes out for the save but is intercepted by the Riott Squad.
  • Ronda runs the Riott Squad off as she helps Natalya up.

Authors of Pain (c) vs Bobby Roode and Chad Gable - RAW Tag Team Championship Match

  • Authors of Pain win via pinfall
  • Drake Maverick stole Roode's robe and threw it in the toilet and peed on it to distract Bobby, leading to the finish.


  • Alexa Bliss approaches Sasha Banks and Bayley and thanks them for helping the RAW team win. She wants them to get to know each other better.
  • Banks says she doesn't want to get to know Alexa better and tells her to leave. Bliss says that the two of them will be answering questions from the WWE Universe in the ring.

Ember Moon (with Curt Hawkins) vs Alicia Fox (with Jinder Mahal)

  • Moon wins via pinfall after an Eclipse

No Way Jose vs Jinder Mahal

  • Jinder wins via pinfall

Seth Rollins Open Challenge

  • He says he hasn't felt himself lately, but he wants to have an open challenge to refocus. He also says that he doesn't believe that Dean Ambrose is not in the arena but he doesn't care.
  • Dolph Ziggler answers Seth's open challenge.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins (c) - Intercontinental Championship Match

  • Rollins wins via pinfall after a Superplex into a Falcon's Arrow

Bayley and Sasha Banks Segment

  • First question is "how would they change the RAW women's division"
  • Bayley says that she wouldn't change anything and just get more opportunities
  • Sasha says she would ship Alexa back to SmackDown.
  • Bliss tries to pit the two against each other when they turn the tables on Alexa. Alicia Fox, Mickie James and Dana Brooke come from behind, and attack Sasha and Bayley. However, Banks and Bayley come out on top.

Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin

  • Corbin, on the ropes, makes the match a two on one handicap match as Drew McIntyre is Baron's partner.
  • McIntyre and Corbin win via pinfall after Drew hits Finn with a Claymore.
  • After the match, Bobby Lashley comes out and the three men beat Balor down.