WWE 'Monday Night RAW' Results: Drew McIntyre's Next Opponent to Be Decided Tonight

It's the Monday Night RAW after the Payback pay-per-view and there were a lot of changes to WWE's flagship show including some title changes and a huge victory for an NXT call up.

Former NXT Champion Keith Lee defied expectations when he defeated Randy Orton clean on Sunday with The Spirit Bomb. Now, what's next for the "Limitless One" and will Orton or WWE Champion Drew McIntyre fit into those plans?

Also, how will Orton react to his surprise loss to Lee and will the defeat hurt his chances at a rematch with McIntyre for the top title on RAW?

Bobby Lashley defeated Apollo Crews for the US Championship on Sunday, giving MVP and the rest of the Hurt Business some gold once again. Now that Crews has been dispatched, what's next for Lashley and who will step up to the plate to challenge for the US Championship?

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax defeated Bayley and Sasha Banks for the Women's Tag Team Championships on Sunday. Will a new tag team step up to these once enemies turned teammates or will Banks and Bayley look for a rematch?

Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik defeated Seth Rollins and Murphy at Payback, but Mysterio is still looking to take it to the "Monday Night Messiah" but will Rollins get his win back or will Rey finally put Seth down?

Here's everything that happened on the August 31 episode of Monday Night RAW.

wwe payback randy orton keith lee
Randy Orton (left) staring down Keith Lee during their match at 'Payback.' WWE


Randy Orton Promo

  • After a recap of Orton's attack on McIntyre, commentary says that the WWE Champion will have to return by the Night of Champions pay-per-view to defend the title.
  • There will be three singles matches on Monday Night RAW with a triple threat match at the end of the night to determine Drew McIntyre's challenger at the Night of Champions pay-per-view. The matches are Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens, Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins because Rey Mysterio is hurt, and Keith Lee vs Dolph Ziggler.
  • Orton starts the night by saying that McIntyre took Drew's rematch offer as pity and that's why he punted him three times last week. McIntyre says that Orton is entitled, but Randy laughs because he shouldn't have to face Kevin Owens to earn a title match because he is entitled to it, but he'll "jump through the hoops" to get to Drew McIntyre.
  • Orton shows a picture of McIntyre and the legends he punted the last few months in a photoshopped picture and laughs.
  • Keith Lee comes out to interrupt. He says that Orton is just doing his best to forget about his loss at Payback. He says that a victory over a "Legend Killer" may mean that he should get the next opportunity at McIntyre.
  • Dolph Ziggler hits Keith Lee from behind, but Lee swats him away. He turns to Orton, but Zigger gets the upperhand with a DDT before RAW goes to commercial as Orton leaves the ring.

Keith Lee vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Lee wins via pinfall after the Spirit Bomb.


  • Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are interviewed backstage. Jax says she told Shayna to follow her lead, which is how they became champs.
  • Shayna says that they got along because Jax stayed out of her way.
  • The two women start arguing when they are interrupted by Asuka. The RAW Women's Champion is asked if she found a challenge, which she answers no.
  • Shayna gets in Asuka's face for interrupting their interview when Asuka pushes her. Jax gets in Asuka's face, causing the champ to yell at her before walking away.

Quite the meeting of CHAMPIONS on #WWERaw!

Looks like @QoSBaszler & @NiaJaxWWE have their sights set on @WWEAsuka... pic.twitter.com/7M4Bu8bBIh

— WWE (@WWE) September 1, 2020


  • When RAW comes back from commercial, Adam Pearce is talking to security and says that if they can't handle Retribution tonight, they'll find people who can.

Asuka Interview

  • Asuka is interviewed in the ring. She's asked if she found anyone who is most deserving of a title shot. She laughs and lists all the women who have defeated her. She says it doesn't matter who wants to face her because she is ready for anything.
  • Mickie James interrupts and tells Asuka she's one of the best women's champions of all time and that's why she's
  • Natalya and Lana interrupt and call Mickie James delusional and that she's stuck in the past. The three argue when Asuka says she's ready for all of them. The heels fight James and Asuka, but the faces knock them out of the ring before RAW goes to commercial.

Mickie James vs Lana (with Natalya)

  • Asuka is on commentary
  • Mickie James wins via pinfall


  • Charlie Caruso is waiting outside of Aleister Black's locker room when Randy Orton emerges from that room.

The IIConics Interview

  • They talk about their time growing up together in Australia and that tonight's match will help the inevitable Riott Squad break up.
  • The loser of tonight's tag match will be broken up.

Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens

  • During KO's entrance, Aleister Black attacks him and hits the Black Mass. KO agrees to continue the match and Orton hits the RKO right away and gets the pin.

.@FightOwensFight was AMBUSHED by @WWEAleister and quickly fell victim to an RKO from @RandyOrton on #WWERaw!

The #LegendKiller is moving on to tonight's huge #TripleThreat Match! pic.twitter.com/1CFyycPajJ

— WWE (@WWE) September 1, 2020

Mysterio Family Interview

  • Rey says that it would mean the world to him to defeat Seth Rollins, but his loss is Dominik's gain.
  • He says when you've been in this industry as long as he has, he knows injuries happen and he would want his son to take his place.
  • Dominik says that he knows he's the underdog, but after his win last night his confidence is higher than it's ever been.

MVP Lounge

  • MVP says there are three constants, death, taxes and Bobby Lashley.
  • Lashley says he did everything he set out to do. He doesn't blame Apollo Crews for attacking him after their match, but he'll get him back.
  • Cedric Alexander comes out and MVP asks if he had a change of heart and wants to join them. Alexander says no when the Viking Raiders attack Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley.

The Viking Raiders and Cedric Alexander vs The Hurt Business

  • Alexander wins via pinfall after a roll up.
  • After the bell, MVP smiles and prevents Benjamin and Lashley from beating Alexander down. The Hurt Business eventually leave without doing more damage.


  • The Hurt Business are shown beating down Alexander when RAW comes back from commercial. Apollo Crews and Ricochet come out and The Hurt Business leave.

The IIConics vs Riott Squad

  • Ruby Riott pins Billie Kaye after a roll up
  • The Riott Squad now earn a shot for the Women's Tag Team Championships and The IIConics are now broken up.

Seth Rollins vs Dominik Mysterio

  • Before the match, Rollins berates Murphy in the middle of the ring. He says that he can't have Murphy screwing this opportunity up for him. Rollins tells Murphy to get out of the ring until he figures out what he wants and what side of history he wants to be on. Seth says he can defeat Dominik alone.
  • As Murphy waits on the ramp, Dominik hits him from behind and goes straight after Rollins.
  • Rollins wins via pinfall after a Stomp.
  • After the bell, Rollins hits Dominik with another Stomp.

RAW Underground

  • Titus O'Neil defeats two jobbers quickly before Riddick Moss steps up. After a long back and forth, Moss eventually defeats Titus.

Street Profits Segment

  • The Street Profits hype up their tornado tag match with Angel Garza and Andrade.

24/7 Segment

  • Earlier in the night, Akira Tozawa and his ninjas arrive in the arena but are told they can't enter the garage. Akira reveals that the garage guard is actually a referee and R-Truth rolls up Tozawa to re-capture the title.

The Street Profits vs Andrade and Angel Garza (with Zelina Vega) - Tornado Tag Match

  • Demi Burnett is sitting ringside
  • During the match, the lights flicker and Angel Garza leaves with Burnett. Retribution surrounds the ring and beat down Andrade and the Street Profits. Zelina Vega is even fighting the women of Retribution but is overcome by the numbers game.

RAW Underground

  • The IIConics are taking in RAW Underground.
  • Jessamyn Duke dominates her first match and then Marina Shafir wins her match.
  • Peyton Royce throws Billie Kaye into the ring and Shafir and Duke knock her out.

Apollo Crews Interview

  • Crews says that the old Apollo would have left things alone, but this new Apollo will be going after his US Championship.
  • Ricochet says that MVP only knows dollars and what he, Crews and Alexander have is much stronger than that.

Apollo Crews vs Shelton Benjamin - RAW Underground

  • Benjamin defeats Crews after help from the Hurt Business.


  • Angel Garza tries to get himself and Demi Burnett out of the arena when Retribution sees them. Garza leaves her and she eventually runs away.

Randy Orton vs Keith Lee vs Seth Rollins

  • Orton pins Rollins
  • The finish was set up when Lee reversed The Stomp into a Spirit Bomb. Orton rolls into the ring and hits Lee with the RKO, but Lee rolls out of the ring so Orton pins Rollins.