WWE NXT Recap: Bobby Fish Returns from Injury to Save Undisputed Era

Bobby Fish, one of the original members of NXT's Undisputed Era faction returned from a knee injury on the latest episode of WWE's third brand.

NXT Tag Team Champions, Roderick Strong and Kyle O'Reilly were in the fight of their lives against the War Raiders to kick off the Oct. 17 episode of NXT. Adam Cole came out to help O'Reilly and Strong but War Raiders had an answer for everything the Undisputed Era had for them.

O'Reilly was hit with the War Raiders' finishing move and was set for the pin when Bobby Fish ran into the ring and hit Hanson and Rowe with a steel chair causing a disqualification. Although War Raiders came out the victors, The Undisputed Era retained their NXT Tag Team Championships.

bobby fish nxt
Bobby Fish returned from injury at NXT WWE

Take a look at Bobby Fish's return below.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly were NXT Tag Team Champions earlier this year. Unfortunately, Fish suffered a torn ACL at an NXT house show in April just before Takeover: New Orleans where he and O'Reilly were set to defend their titles against the winner of the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

With the injury looming, Undisputed Era interfered in the Dusty Rhodes Classic final between Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong and The Authors of Pain. This forced NXT General Manager William Regal to make the title match a Triple Threat. Regal also gave Undisputed Era an ultimatum, with Fish hurt either Adam Cole filled in for him (Cole was set to participate in the five-man Ladder Match for the NXT North American Championship that same night) or they forfeit the titles.

Fortunately for Undisputed Era, this is when Roderick Strong turned on his partner and helped O'Reilly and Cole win, officially joining the faction.

With Bobby Fish back in the fold, Undisputed Era is at full strength and they'll need to be as War Raiders will likely get a rematch for the Tag Titles at NXT Takeover: War Games in November.

What do you think of Fish's return? Will Undisputed Era freebird the Tag Titles like the New Day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.