NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4: Triple H 'Believes' In Matt Riddle

After weeks of rumors, Matt Riddle was officially introduced to the NXT Universe at Takeover Brooklyn 4. Like many of NXT's latest signees, the former MMA star was shown ringside to a rousing ovation, but after spending just three years on the independent scene capturing multiple titles, WWE COO Paul "Triple H" Levesque felt it was time for "The King of Bros" to make his way into the company.

"Matt brings a lot to the table. He's an amazing athlete, smart in the way he's adapted and what he did in his MMA career," Levesque told media in a post-show press conference. "He's learned a lot on his own in a very brief period of time to get to where he is. I've watched him for awhile, his ups and downs, and you know there just comes a time when somebody gets good enough."

Levesque told the media that different talent appear on their radar, and sometimes those people haven't reached a certain point for them to flourish in the company. They hold off and let talent progress and learn where they are until they reach a peak where they can come in and thrive.

With Riddle, however, questions about his attitude and use of marijuana as a painkiller are bound to come up, but Levesque believes in his new signee.

"I think he's ready to get brought in and be taken the rest of the way. I also think he's matured as a person." Levesque said. "I think he's realized where he wants to get in this business as opposed to just being in the business. We think it's the right time, but only time will tell. He's a very talented guy and the sky's the limit. We'll see what he can do. I feel sometimes people say 'you bring them in and just go with it.' It's not that simple. Not everybody makes it, not everything works. There's a lot of factors. I believe in him and I believe he has a lot of potential."

It's unclear when fans will see Matt Riddle on NXT television, but the next round of tapings will begin next week at Full Sail University in Orlando. Fans can relive Matt Riddle's introduction and NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 in its entirety on the WWE Network.