RAW Live Results: What Happened on the Final Show Before WrestleMania 34

It's the go home broadcast for Monday Night RAW , the final show before WrestleMania 3 4 on April 8. Tonight is expected to not only further storylines heading into the WWE's biggest event of the year but get fans excited for the spectacle that is WrestleMania.

The April 2 edition of RAW comes live from Atlanta and the headlining match for the show is a one-on-one bout between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor before their Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Title against current champ, The Miz.

Fans should expect a segment between Kurt Angle, Ronda Rousey, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon before their mixed tag team match at WrestleMania. John Cena will make an appearance, hoping The Undertaker answers his call for a match in New Orleans. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are expected to cross paths again as well.

There's going to be a lot packed into the three-hour show so let's get down to the live results for Monday Night RAW on April 2.

Note: The results are still being compiled. We'll update as matches conclude.

Here Are The Live WWE Raw Results For April 2

Ronday Rousey/Kurt Angle and Triple H/Stephanie McMahon Segment

  • Before the four competitors are taking questions from social media, Triple H says that Ronda and Kurt will lose because of Angle's lack of intelligence. He ruined her for a loss by sabotaging her WWE signing a few weeks back. He asks Kurt why.
  • Ronda interrupts Kurt saying that Triple H was two-faced and asks why they signed her.
  • Stephanie says they signed her because she's a huge star.
  • Triple H says all Ronda's accomplishments mean nothing in the WWE.
  • Stephanie says that everyone knows how Ronda handles losses.
  • Ronda asks Steph what hand she writes with because she hopes she can still sign her checks after she rips her arm out.
  • They all pose for photos when Ronda and Steph get in each other's face. Kurt breaks them up but Triple H hits Angle with the mic from behind. Ronda chokes Triple H but Steph slams Rousey into a table.

Bayley vs Sonya Deville (with Absolution)

  • Bayey defeats Deville via pinfall after a rollup.
  • Mandy Rose comes in to attack Bayley before Sasha Banks comes out and helps. The two friends stand in the ring alone. Sasha asks Bayley to raise her hand for saving her. Bayley says she didn't need her and Sasha grabs Bayley's face, causing the two to fight each other. Absolution uses this to take out Sasha and Bayley.

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor (with Miz on commentary)

  • Rollins defeats Balor via pinfall after a Stomp.

Backstage Segment with Angle and Heyman

  • Kurt Angle approaches Paul Heyman and says that they can't have an incident that would incite Roman Reigns or injure Brock Lesnar.
  • Heyman laughs but Kurt is serious and says that don't fuel the fire before WrestleMania.

The Bar and Braun Strowman Segment

  • The Tag champs says they don't care who Braun's partner is. They say Braun will eventually need to tag his partner in and they won't be on the same page.
  • Braun interrupts and says that management has forced him to have a partner but he isn't happy with The Bar. He will only come out if one of The Bar takes Braun's partner on in a match.
  • Braun goes to the back to get his partner and comes back out in a white button down and glasses. He calls himself Brain.
  • The Bar gang up on Braun but Strowman fends them off.

Goldust vs Matt Hardy

  • Goldust announces his entry into the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.
  • Matt Hardy defeats Goldust via pinfall after a Twist of Fate.

John Cena Segment

  • Cena comes out to tell the audience that there is no time left for a match with the Undertaker. The silence from the Dead Man means a no to John Cena. He says that Michael Cole told him to enter the Andre the Giant Battle Royal or be Braun's partner or enter another match. Cena says he won't because he doesn't want to take away from the other Superstars and he had his chances by entering pay-per-views in the past.
  • He says that he's going to WrestleMania as a fan and he's not ashamed because this is the best 'Mania card ever. He mentions Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, seeing Daniel Bryan return to the ring and he gets to see AJ Styles. Cena puts over all the matches on the card, including the women's matches.
  • The former WWE Champion apologizes to The Undertaker for goading him all these weeks and then says that he hasn't tried summoning him in Atlanta yet and encourages the crowd to get loud. Cena says for four straight weeks that the Undertaker didn't have the decency to respond to the WWE Universe. He says "it's obvious you left your hat in the ring, but you left your balls at home."

Backstage with Roman Reigns

  • Kurt approaches Roman in the locker room and tells him not to jeopardize his spot on the show.
  • Roman says he respects Kurt but if Paul gets out of hand he will go down there.

Elias vs Heath Slater

  • Slater and Rhyno interrupt Elias' musical performance.
  • Elias defeats Slater vis pinfall after a Drift Away.

Braun Strowman and Curt Hawkins Backstage

  • Hawkins stops Braun backstage to ask to be his partner. Strowman asks what his win/loss record is and Hawkins admits it's not good but that's where he comes in. This can be Hawkins big break.
  • Strowman quickly throws Hawkins through a wall and says "that's your break."

Nia Jax Interview

  • Jax admits that Alexa Bliss' actions lowered her self-esteem, but she has gained resolve and a new-found confidence in who she is.
  • She calls Bliss an insecure little girl and a pathetic fly. Jax says at WrestleMania, she's going to squash Bliss like a bug.

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James vs Dana Brooke and Asuka

  • Asuka/Brooke win via submission after Asuka makes James submit using the Asuka Lock.
  • Alexa Bliss comes in to attack Asuka and James/Bliss double DDT'd Brooke.
  • Nia Jax comes out and grabs Alexa but Mickie James saves Bliss. Jax delivers a Samoan Drop on James as Bliss looks on.

Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns Segment

  • Kurt Angle has some WWE Superstars guarding the entrance to stop Roman from coming out.
  • Heyman brings up the last time 'Mania was in New Orleans and how he told the audience that Lesnar would break the Taker's streak and it came true. He brings up that Roman is the only other person to defeat Undertaker at WrestleMania and you have to respect him.
  • Heyman says none of the respect and family lineage matters because Lesnar will pin Reigns.
  • Reigns comes out and tells the Superstars out there that they're there to protect a "part-timer" like Lesnar. The Superstars think it over and let Reigns go to the ring unimpeded.
  • The two walk around each other in the ring before Lesnar leaves. Brock comes back with a chair but Reigns hits Lesnar with five straight Superman Punches. Reigns holds up the Universal title and Lesnar F5s him when he isn't looking.
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