SmackDown Live Results: Shane McMahon Returns to Address His Match at WrestleMania 34

The last televised WWE show before WrestleMania 34, the April 3 edition of SmackDown Live will bring feuds on the blue brand to a fevered pitch before they are resolved in New Orleans on April 8.

The biggest storyline on SmackDown Live is the Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn saga that saw Bryan take a beating after he fired KO and Zayn. Bryan challenged the two to a tag match (with Shane McMahon as his partner) and put Owens and Zayn's jobs on the line. This week, Shane returns from his injuries to address his availability for the WrestleMania match.

Returning from a minor injury, Charlotte takes on Natalya in a rematch from their bout two weeks ago. Will Charlotte go into her match with Asuka at WrestleMania with a victory and momentum?

The dream match of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura will see the two top wrestlers on the brand team up against Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable after their attack on Shinsuke. Will Nakamura continue to get into Styles' head before their match?

Expect a lot to happen on this week's episode SmackDown Live so let's get down to the live results.

Note: The results are still being compiled. We'll update as matches conclude.

Here Are The Live WWE SmackDown Results For April 3

Opening Segment

  • Daniel Bryan comes out and welcomes Shane McMahon back to SmackDown. Shane says that he's been medically cleared so they are ready for WrestleMania 34.
  • Before they get started, Daniel apologizes to Shane. He says that the last six months, his friendship with KO and Zayn has clouded his judgment. Shane apologizes for his hot headedness and stubborness over the last few months.
  • Bryan wants to hug it out but Shane doesn't want to. After getting the crowd behind it, Shane and Bryan hug it out and "are on the same page."

Charlotte vs Natalya

  • Charlotte defeats Natalya via submission after a Figure Eight
  • Carmella tried to cash-in during the match but Charlotte kicks the briefcase out of the ring before the second ref made it official. Natalya tried to get Charlotte off guard like she did two weeks ago but fails.
  • Asuka comes out after the match and says that The Queen will bow down to the Empress because no one is ready. Before she can finish her line, Charlotte snatches the mic out of her hand and asks Asuka if she is ready for her.

Jinder Mahal vs Rusev (with Bobby Roode on commentary)

  • Rusev defeats Mahal via pinfall after a Machka Kick
  • Randy Orton plants an RKO out of nowhere on Rusev. Aiden English comes in and beats down on Orton and is about to perform a top rope manuever when Roode pushes him off into an RKO.
  • Roode hands Orton the US title and the two look at the WrestleMania sign.

Mojo Rawley/Baron Corbin/Dolph Ziggler/Primo vs Zack Ryder/Tyler Breeze/Fandango/Tye Dillinger

  • Corbin's team wins via pinfall after Corbin hits Fandango with an End of Days

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Segment

  • The two Superstars come in from the crowd and says that SmackDown is still the Kevin and Sami show.
  • Zayn says they will apologize for what they are going to do to Bryan at their match.
  • KO and Zayn try to leave through the crowd after their mics are cut. Shane and Daniel come out and tell the crowd to get a good look at them because this will be the last time they are seen on SmackDown Live.

Chad Gable/Shelton Benjamin vs AJ Styles/Shinsuke Nakamura

  • AJ/Nakamura win via pinfall after AJ hits Gable with a Phenomenal Forearm.
  • AJ performed it right next to Shinsuke to send a message.
  • Benjamin comes from behind Nakamura as AJ leaves. Styles comes back in just when Shinsuke dispatches Benjamin. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm on Shinsuke but pulls up as Nakamura cowers similar to what happened last week.
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