SmackDown Live Results: Kofi Kingston Takes on Kevin Owens

The championship scene on SmackDown Live was turned upside down last week with the return of Dolph Ziggler.

But before Ziggler and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston duke it out at the Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia next week, Kingston is set to take on his rival Kevin Owens. After losing his opportunity at the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, a solemn Owens took his frustrations out on the returning Big E, sending him to the hospital.

While Kofi wants to get payback for what KO did to Big E, Ziggler has made Kingston's life a living hell by following him to last night's RAW. While waiting for Brock Lesnar to announce his cash-in decision, Dolph jumped the WWE Champion. While Xavier Woods came to the rescue of his friend, he would need the help of Kofi to fight off the impassioned Ziggler.

That's two weeks in a row that Kofi has been beat down by Dolph, so will he be able to take out Kevin Owens knowing that Ziggler is waiting in the shadows?

Lacey Evans makes her way onto SmackDown Live via the Wild Card Rule to take on Bayley, the SmackDown Women's Champion. Lacey has made her intentions known that she wants a rematch for Becky Lynch's RAW Women's Championship, but taking on the SmackDown champion will do Evans some good if she wants to stake a claim.

Roman Reigns is currently in a feud with Shane McMahon that will go down at Super Showdown, but on RAW last night Shane took out his frustrations out on Roman's cousin Lance. With the help of Drew McIntyre, Lance didn't stand a chance as Shane humiliated the Samoan. How will Roman respond on Tuesday?

There's a lot expected to go down on tonight's SmackDown Live. Here's everything that happened on the May 28 episode of the blue brand.

wwe smackdown live results may 28 kofi kingston vs kevin owens


Kevin Owens Show

  • KO says Oklahoma doesn't deserve the Kevin Owens Show, but being able to beat down Kofi Kingston helps.
  • Owens says he wasn't the one who attacked Big E last week. He says he's a good person and he wouldn't do something like that. The New Day can't blame him for what happened to Big E, but they can blame him for the hurt he put on Xavier Woods last week and what he's about to do to Kofi Kingston tonight. And when Dolph Ziggler beats Kofi at Super Showdown thanks to the pain KO puts on Kofi, Ziggler can give Owens a match.
  • Kofi Kingston comes out and tells KO to stop lying. Kingston says that tonight will be the night he makes Owens pay for hurting his friends.

Kevin Owens vs Kofi Kingston

  • Kingston wins via pinfall after a Trouble in Paradise.
  • Kofi would kick out of two Frog Splashes (one on the outside) and a Swanton Bomb before the finish.

R-Truth and Carmella Segment

  • Both are tired and say they can't do this anymore. R-Truth says that he's been avoiding people everywhere even at the dentist.
  • The two run into a closet while Drake Maverick puts up Wanted flyers on the walls. R-Truth and Carmella leave when the close is clear

Daniel Bryan Segment

  • Bryan and Rowan come out with Daniel saying that the SmackDown Tag Team division is a joke. Rowan does a knock knock joke about how bad the division is,
  • Daniel Bryan says they will be the greatest SmackDown tag team of all time and will save this planet. He runs down the crowd for eating bbq during the holiday weekend, fracking and more. He calls himself and Rowan the planet's tag team champions.
  • Kayla Braxton says that there are teams who want to challenge them.
  • Heavy Machinery comes out and wants a shot at the titles. Bryan says they'll give them the opportunity just not in Oklahoma. They walk out of the ring.


  • Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are passing out the newest issues of Muscle and Fitness Hers with Rose on the cover. They give it to The IIconics and eventually run into Ember Moon who is reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mandy says that she should read her magazine so she can learn to be a star and walk away laughing.

Mandy Rose (with Sonya Deville) vs Carmella

  • Rose wins via pinfall after a roll up caused by a distraction from Deville

Shane McMahon Appreciation Night

  • Drew McIntyre and Elias come out with Shane.
  • Shane shows a video package of his wrestling career and they run the crowd down and say how they'll take out Roman at Super Showdown. All of a sudden, Drake Maverick and R-Truth come to the ring. R-Truth celebrates victoriously after taking out Maverick but the heels take out R-Truth. Elias pins R-Truth and becomes the new 24/7 Champion.
  • Shane would suspend the 24/7 rule until the end of a tag match tonight between R-Truth and Roman Reigns, and Elias and Drew McIntyre.


  • Charlotte and Lacey Evans are having tea when they say they are the Queen and the Lady and that both shows should watch out.

Bayley vs Lacey Evans

  • Charlotte is on commentary
  • Bayley wins via pinfall after a roll up.
  • The finish was set up with Bayley hitting Charlotte, causing Flair to get in the ring. The referee stops her but doesn't count the pinfall for Lacey.
  • After Bayley leaves, Lacey Evans attacks Charlotte and the two start to fight

Andrade Interview

  • Andrade says that he is the one who power bombed Finn Balor and injured him and if he wants to face him, he needs to find his inner demon.

Aleister Black Vignette

Roman Reigns and R-Truth vs Elias and Drew McIntyre (with Shane McMahon)

  • Before the match, Elias, McIntyre and Shane come out to beat down R-Truth on the ramp. Roman saves R-Truth.
  • Roman pins Elias after a Spear.
  • After the match, Roman hits Elias another Spear and gives R-Truth a chance to pin him. Truth pins Elias to win back the 24/7 Championship.