WWII Veteran Sobs After Seeing His Late Wife Come to Life in Viral Video

A WWII veteran's heart-breaking reaction to seeing his late wife brought to life in front of his eyes in an animated photo has gone viral.

His granddaughter, McKaela Larson, has created a TikTok account dedicated to her "Papa Jake", aka Jake Larson.

McKaela, from California, regularly shares Jake's stories from the war, including the storming of Omaha beach on D-Day, as well as her grandparent's touching love story.

With the help of modern technology, McKaela was able to animate a snap of her grandmother, Lola, when she was at high school.

She showed it to Jake, who broke down in tears after seeing his wife as she would have looked when they first met.

McKaela captioned the clip "bringing Lola to life", as Jake exclaims: "My god. Holy smokes!" as he sees her as a young woman once again.

Jake, who's thought to be 98, takes off his glasses as he wipes away tears.

"She's alive. Look at that smile. I can't believe it. It's her. This past November 23 we would have been married 75 years. And I still love her," he says.

The clip has amassed more than eight million views and was shared across multiple social media platforms, as people were touched by his tender reaction.

Commenting on the clip, TikToker Gigilayne said: "They don't make love like that anymore."

While Tori Kelly said: "I'm literally bawling. This is so beautiful."

And daz_black wrote: "This is just so beautiful. I hope I have a love like this."

While Miya.mayer thought: "She was so beautiful. This is the sweetest thing."

It's thought McKaela used the My Heritage app, adding: "What amazing technology to be able to see her again."

In a separate video, Jake reveals more about the background to Lola's photo.

"This is a picture of my wife when she was going to high school. I didn't know she existed at that time," he says.

On what would have been their 75th wedding anniversary, on November 23 last year, Jake recalled their early years together during the war.

He said: "When she graduated, I was in north Ireland. This is a picture of me while I was overseas, and I sent that picture to my mother. Well my dad took them into photo news. . . 75 years ago today, we had our wedding. That was 1945.

"In 1948 I came home, she was getting a new wallet and she had everything laid out. Lo and behold, there is that picture of me in the jeep. That's five years different from when I had that picture taken. She said, that picture came out in the news. I put it in my wallet, I told my girlfriend that's the guy I'm going to marry."

 senior couple at their wedding photos
Stock photo of a senior couple at their wedding photos in photo album. A WWII veteran's reaction to seeing his wife come to life via an app has gone viral online. DragonImages/Getty iStock