X-Men Day: The 5 Weirdest Mutants You've Never Heard Of

Today, Twitter is celebrating 20 years of X-Men movies with X-Men Day. Thousands of users are showing their love for Marvel's genetic trailblazers and the lives they have impacted. The MCU has remained mutant-less over rights issues, but now that the house of mouse has purchased Fox outright, it might be possible to see Cyclops, Beast and Dazzler standing alongside Black Panther.

In honor of this holy holiday, we have collected some of the strangest, oddest and outright confusing members of the X-Men franchise. For a while, Marvel was pumping out mutants into their comic books, leading to some absolutely bizarre inclusions in the comics. Whether it's a bird that can't fly, a tunnel-dweller who shoots bones from her skin or a green blob, there's something that can confuse pretty much anyone.

xmen day doop
Doop, my favorite jelly bean Marvel

Doop- Starting his journey in the early 2000's X-Force comic, Gloop is a floating, sentient jelly bean who speaks in "Doopspeak" rather than English. Over the past two decades, he's been the comic relief that's consistently stuck around playing roles like a cameraman, buddy to Wolverine and even the receptionist/janitor/caretaker at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. The limits of his power still remain unknown and he might be one of the strongest members of the X-Men force.

xmen day glob herman
Glob Herman is a pink, jelly boy Marvel

Glob Herman- Having a translucent body of pink slime that shows every bone and organ inside definitely counts as weird. Glob Herman made his first appearance as a student at the Xavier Institute in 2001's New X-Men and was a pretty big bully. He tried to take over the planet with Kid Omega (a powerful telepath) but just ended up being lit on fire. After the events of M-Day, Herman was one of the few to maintain their mutant qualities, eventually joining the Jean Grey School and then the Hellfire Academy. He's managed to change his evil ways in recent years, but is still a fairly sour curmudgeon when it comes to doing "good guy work." I'd be just as sour if my body was a pink goo pile.

xmen day beak
Beak is.... special Marvel

Beak- One of the most ridiculous examples of the mutant gene is Beak, who looks like a bird but can't fly. Introduced at the same time as Glob Herman, he started off his time with the X-Men as a puppet of villain Cassandra Nova, almost beating Beast to death with an aluminum baseball bat. After that, he fell in love with the bug-like Angel (from the X-Men: First Class movie) and had bug/bird hybrid babies. Since then, he's joined other teams like the Exiles and New Mutants but really hasn't made much of a dent on the Marvel universe.

xmen day marrow
Marrow is bae Marvel

Marrow- Do you remember Spike from the X-Men Evolution television series? The skater kid who could shoot bones out of his skin? Well he wasn't the first mutant to have that power and was far from the coolest. Marrow is one of the oldest mutants on the list, starting her career in 1995's X-Men Prime as an underground dwelling member of the Murlocks. These mutants built a live for themselves underground, away from the prying eyes of the humanity that detested them. She's been a member of nearly every mutant organization, from the Brotherhood of Mutants to X-Force. She often gets overshadowed by her teenage, hip counterpart but Spike was never in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

xmen day maggot
The maggor's have names: Eany and Meany Marvel

Maggot - Two slugs sit on his shoulder that he can control with his mind. He also eats using the slug's stomach.

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