Yankees' Gary Sanchez Takes Shot at Astros' Jose Altuve, 'If I Hit a Home Run to Send My Team to the World Series, They Can Rip Off My Pants'

Gary Sanchez
Yankees' Gary Sanchez takes shot at Houston Astros' Jose Altuve over teams' sign stealing scandal Jim McIsaac/Getty

During the first days of the MLB's spring training, New York Yankees' catcher Gary Sanchez spoke on the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal and took a subtle jab at Astros' second baseman Jose Altuve.

"I can tell you this, if I hit a home run to send my team to the World Series, they can rip off my pants. They can rip off anything," Sanchez said when asked about Altuve's walk-off home run against the Yankees in the 2019 American League Championship Series, which sent the team to the World Series.

Gary Sanchez was asked about Jose Altuve’s HR in ALCS Game 6: “I can tell you this, if I hit a home run to send my team to the World Series, they can rip off my pants. They can rip off anything.”

— Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) February 12, 2020

Following the MLB's investigation into the Astros, which found them guilty of using electronic methods to steal opposing teams' signs, a number of other speculations surfaced, including one that accused the team and specifically Altuve, of wearing buzzers under their uniforms that would relay signals by vibrating.

The buzzer speculation began after a Twitter account claiming to be the niece of former Astro Carlos Beltran said some Astros players were wearing the buzzers under their jerseys. Screenshots of the tweets were posted by Twitter user Jomboy.

Beltran's niece tweeting about the buzzers, which matches up with what Ive been told from about 5 different parties. pic.twitter.com/zla70bW0Wu

— Jomboy (@Jomboy_) January 16, 2020

Soon after, videos of Altuve's walk-off home run were posted to Twitter, where he can be seen rounding the third baseline, telling his teammates, who were waiting to celebrate with him at home plate, not to take off his jersey. In addition, instead of celebrating with his team on the field after sending them to the World Series, Altuve went straight to the team's clubhouse, sparking more theories about the buzzer.

This is video after Altuve hit the walkoff HR against Chapman in Game 6 of the ALCS. He approaches home plate adamantly telling his teammates not to rip off his jersey and he ran straight to the tunnel instead of celebrating. He was hiding a buzzer

H/T theinsidedrop on IG pic.twitter.com/5551gBT0Fa

— Shippy (@Shippyfunsports) January 16, 2020

After the game, Altuve was asked by The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal why he told his teammates to not take his jersey off. Altuve laughed the question off and said, "I don't know, I'm too shy. Last time they did that I got in trouble with my wife."

Here's Ken Rosenthal, who broke the news of the Astros cheating scandal, asking Jose Altuve why he was telling teammates not to rip his jersey off after the walk-off home run in Game 6 of the 2019 ALCS: pic.twitter.com/xoBGX159QG

— Kyle ⚾️ (@KyleNYY) January 16, 2020

During his most recent interview, Sanchez noted the different videos of the buzzer speculation and said, "I've seen a lot of videos. I've seen them all. People send them to me all the time."

Following the different theories and speculations, the MLB released a statement saying that the "MLB explored wearable devices during the investigation but found no evidence to substantiate it."

In addition to the MLB's statement, Altuve, Astros' third baseman Alex Bregman and former Astros' manager A.J. Hinch also spoke on the buzzer speculations.

"That's really ridiculous," Altuve said when asked about the buzzers. "The MLB did their investigation; they didn't find anything.

When Bregman was asked about it, he responded by saying "no" and calling the speculations "stupid."

During a recent interview with MLB Network, Hinch was asked about Astros players wearing buzzers and while he didn't fully deny the speculations, he stated that he "believed" the commissioner's findings that there was no evidence of wearable devices.

Despite the different comments denying the use of buzzers by the Astros, Sanchez and Yankees' head coach Aaron Boone believe there still may be truth to it.

According to Jack Curry of the Yankees' YES Network, Boone is still not fully convinced that the Astros didn't use buzzers and referred to it as the "great unknown."

Boone is not fully convinced the Astros refrained from using buzzers to cheat on identifying pitches. Called it part of the “great unknown.”

— Jack Curry (@JackCurryYES) February 12, 2020