Yes, 'Skyrim' is Now on Amazon Alexa

Those crazy developers at Bethesda weren't joking. What was thought to be a parody video showing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim played entirely through voice commands on the Amazon Alexa is actually a real thing. The best part: it's available to play right now.

Keegan Michael Key is a big Skyrim on Alexa fan Bethesda

According to the product description, the Skyrim Alexa app is capable of the following:

● Quest and explore the dungeons of Skyrim

● Master your weapons, spells and shouts

● Encounter people who constantly need your help

● Guard your knees against arrows

● Fatally harm mudcrabs

● Fight dragons

● Die

● Fight another dragon

● Eat sweet rolls

● Fus Ro Dah

● Chase butterflies

● Burn spiders

● Walk straight up a mountain instead of going around

● Vanquish malevolent evils

● There's probably mead somewhere in there

● No goblins, though

● Soul trap woodland creatures

● Victory or Sovngarde, whichever one you prefer

● Also cheese wheels and a fork

● Fail to collect all stones of Barenziah for like the 5th time

● Talk with guards

● Unleash the power of your Thu'um

● Open wooden doors

● Open iron doors

● Other epic things

● And more!

That all sounds like an authentic Skyrim experience to me. If you don't have an Alexa device, you can still play on any smartphone. Download the Amazon Alexa app on iOS or Android and press the circle button under the shopping cart. Say "Alexa, play Skyrim" and you're good to go.

The reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive, and many are laugh-out-loud funny. Even if you don't have an Alexa, it's worth reading through some of the impressions from those who have (or haven't) played the game themselves. Not all of them are positive, such as this helpful review from user "the captain":

"Todd Howard crawled out of my Alexa to arrest me for stealing an apple in skyrim a month ago and then Alexa clipped through the table, through the floor, then the basement, and now is lost to eternity"

Thanks, the captain!

So what do you think? Are you ready to talk your way through Skyrim? What other games would you like to try in this speech-only gameplay style? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.