You Can Now Become a Paranormal Investigator and Stay at 'The Conjuring' House

Love horror films? Then get excited, as the house from The Conjuring is currently available to hire.

Considered by some to be the most haunted house in America, the new owners of the property, which the horror film franchise was based on, are giving people the chance to test their nerve and stay the night.

The Conjuring, released in 2013, follows the story of Carolyn and Roger Perron as they move their family into a Rhode Island farmhouse and experience the supernatural first hand. To investigate, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren visit the house and discover the evil behind the haunting. A second film was released in 2016, The Conjuring 2, and another is due for release in 2021: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

The previous owners of the house did their best to dissuade tourists coming to the house. However, the new owners have decided to embrace the interest and invite paranormal-curious visitors to their home.

The house dates back to colonial times, with the land being surveyed by John Smith, one of the first residents of Virginia. The Conjuring House

For $125 a person, would-be investigators can stay in the house and the surrounding grounds for weekday stays. Weekends are currently fully-booked until October 18. On Fridays and Saturdays, guests have to pay a minimum of $750 for six people plus $125 per additional person. The week of Halloween is already spoken for, according to the house's booking system.

The new owners, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, opened the house to the public in February 2020. The couple bought the house in June 2019 and see it as a "haunted house" rather than a bed-and-breakfast or hotel.

Known as "The Farm on Round Top Road" or the Arnold Estate, the house dates back to the colonial period around 1736, according to its website. However, the land it sits on was deeded in 1680 and was surveyed by John Smith—most probably this one...

Facts about the Arnold Estate

  • It has survived The Revolutionary War, The Civil War and the unbridled growth of the Industrial Age in America.
  • Eight generations of one extended family had lived and died in it (apparently some of them never left...)
  • The land was dispersed among followers of Roger Williams, who founded the colony of Rhode Island.
  • The owner of the house, Cory, has made appearances in numerous paranormal-focused series such as on "Scariest Places on Earth", "Ghost Bait", "Rogue Mysteries", "Haunt ME" and "High Strangeness".

For more information about staying there, visit If you can't visit the house in the near future, visit the live streams on the website:

Stays at "The House" start from $125 per person on weekdays and $750 on Fridays and Saturdays.