You Can Pay $30,000 To Go Through A Secret Door at Disney World

While visiting a Disney theme park is a magical experience for children and adults alike, guests still have to battle against crowds and contend with lengthy queues.

However, for those customers who are rich and famous, a more exclusive experience is on offer, and it lies behind a secret door.

If you have a spare $33,000 lying about you can join the Disney's Club 33, which affords members "special access and exceptional service". It also costs an additional $15,000 annually.

But, where does one find this club? Well, it is behind a rather unassuming door with a circular sign which reads "33".

The first location opened in 1967 inside Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

Inside the club are luxury bars and restaurants for members with ornate decor and furniture.

And, until May 2019, for those weary parents who had grown tired of seeing Mickey Mouse at every turn, the club was the only place on the parks where one could drink alcohol.

According to the Disney World website, the elite clubs are designed around the company's creator Walt Disney and his wife Lillian's travels.

It reads: "Each venue is uniquely themed to represent Walt and Lillian's adventures around the world."

Additionally, benefits of being a member are said to include annual passes to the Disney World theme parks, 50 single-day admission tickets, and five private VIP tours every year.

And who is a member of this exclusive club? Well, aside from the ultra wealthy celebrities such as Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Hanks and Christina Aguilera have been spotted behind the secret door.

In other Disney-related news the company has elected its first female chairman in its 98-year history.

The Walt Disney Company recently announced that Susan Arnold would be taken the helm on December 31. She will replace the current chairman, Robert Iger, who was also working as the company's CEO until February 2020.

Iger said of his replacement: "Susan is an incredibly esteemed executive whose wealth of experience, unwavering integrity, and expert judgment have been invaluable to the Company since she first joined the Board in 2007.

"Having most recently served as independent Lead Director, Susan is the perfect choice for Chairman of the Board, and I am confident the Company is well-positioned for continued success under her guidance and leadership."

Speaking of the move, Arnold stated: "As I step into this new role as Chairman of the Board, I look forward to continuing to serve the long-term interests of Disney's shareholders and working closely with CEO Bob Chapek as he builds upon the Company's century-long legacy of creative excellence and innovation."

Disney characters at Walt Disney World
An photo of characters at Disney World. If you have a spare $30,000 you can join a secret club at the franchise. Disney