You Need to See This Sweet Cat Who Is Better at Fetch Than Your Dog

One of the leading arguments from dog people is that cats are too independent and not loving enough. But there are many cats who could challenge the level of devotion and companionship that people get from a dog. In fact, we've spotted one in particular on Reddit.

The cat in question is going viral on Reddit because of its dog-like behavior, and how much fun it appears to have playing fetch. Yes, that's right: This cat seems to completely understand the game. It returns the ball every time and waits patiently for its human to start the game over.

A video of the black and white cat was posted on Reddit's r/aww thread Thursday by u/hbouwers and it's already received over 82,000 upvotes—at least at the time of this article's publishing. "My wife wanted a cat. I wanted a dog. So now we have a cat that plays fetch," the poster shared.

The cat is first seen trotting along a couch and coffee table with a purple toy in its mouth. As it approaches the human, it drops the toy and waits patiently for the human to throw it. As the toy makes its way across the room, so does the cat. Quickly, the cat pounces on the toy and again trots back happily with the toy.

Commenters are thrilled by the cat's love of the game, and some shared similar occurrences with their own pets. A leading comment explained that dogs often make their humans chase them to get the toy back—that the game of fetch is not as simple as dropping the ball at their owner's feet. With this cat, there doesn't appear to be too much of a chase, though the cat does look to get a little too excited at the end of the 22-second clip, when it chases the purple toy into a different corner.

affles, a Maine Coon, attends the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy's 'Supreme Championship Cat Show' at the NEC Arena on November 22, 2014, in Birmingham, England. Getty/Rob Stothard/Getty Images

Some cats aren't quite so disciplined to leave the toy at their human's feet. "Over the years, [my cat's] started doing that thing where he brings it halfway back, just out of reach. My cat used to be amazing at fetch. Now he is amazing at passive-aggression," wrote one Reddit user.

Others claimed that fetch is a staple in their household, just not in the way they'd like. "Such is the way of cats. My kitty learned it from my exes' cat. Her favorite things to fetch are straws and twist ties, can't just use actual toys with this one," one person shared. Apparently, cats stealing straws is common enough that other Reddit users who echoed that point.

Of course, debates about cats vs. dogs broke out in the comment thread, but what rose to the top of each conversation is a genuine love for pets, the comfort they provide and how they shape these Reddit users' daily routines. While many argued for the independence of cats, as opposed to the neediness of dogs, some commenters noted that those fixed ideas about our four-legged friends don't always turn out to be true.

"My cat is very needy. When he's not playing fetch he wants to snuggle," one Redditor said. "If I get up early in the morning to use the restroom, he will yowl at me to get back into bed and cuddle with him. Unfortunately, this wakes my husband up."