Young Boy Sees Money on the Ground—What He Does Next Is Heartwarming

Raising children to be kind and honest is the concern of most parents. This is why, when a video emerged online of a child being both of those things, the internet was full of praise.

In a video posted to TikTok by user Mana Alagi, known online as manaalagi, we are shown CCTV footage of a convenience store.

A little boy can be seen standing next to a man who is paying for his items at the till.

As he turns to leave he drops a note on the floor, and the child immediately picks up the money and follows the man out of the store to return the cash to him.

A voice narrating the clip says: "Ok this boy standing behind the guy, and the guy dropped some money.

"This is what honesty means, this is how you raise your kids.

"You see he drops some money. The boy went to him and said 'excuse me you lost some money.' The guy told him to keep it."

Alagi captioned the footage, writing: "This how you raise your kids #Honesty #kids #respectdad #fyp #foryou #trending #viral."

The footage was shared on February 10, and has since received more than three million views and surpassed 497,600 likes.

The clip has also recently gained popularity on meme site Pubity, and has been viewed over 7.8 million times since it was posted on June 10.

One TikTok user, Mozo-Salidivar, wrote: "The old man saw and was so proud of him that he said good job by placing his hand on the kids head well raise."


 this how you raise your kids Honesty#kids #respectdad #fyp #foryou #trending #viral  

♬ original sound - Mana Alagi

Another person, Princessnaty, added: "He went back to buy something extra with his extra money."

ElPapaPipi stated: "Reminds me of my son. Parents remember that our children represent our parenting skills."

Daniel Chicago777 typed: "Exactly!! But nowadays we have more people that are just posted waiting for you to drip something or fall asleep to plunder."

Leo Herrera gushed: "So cute how the older gentleman rubs his head." commented: "I once stole a chocolate bar and my grandma saw it, she made me go back to the store and tell the manager then proceeded to explain that stealing is wrong."

However, not everyone was enthralled by the child's actions, with Maritzaportano writing: "I'm going to tell my kids not to follow anyone outside the store to give them their money back though could be a kidnapping trick I don't know I'm extra paranoid."

Vanessa agreed: "I thought the same thing. I'm just a protective mama, my little one would not be there alone to start with."

Newsweek have contacted Alagi for comment.

Young boy surrounded by money
A stock image of a young boy on the phone as money rains down upon him. In the viral video a young boy returned money he found to the owner, and many online were impressed. Getty Images