'Young Justice: Outsiders' Episode 19 Recap: Lex Luthor Sets His Sights on The Outsiders

Episode 19 of the animated series Young Justice: Outsiders premiered this week and continues the fight against Lex Luthor and metahuman trafficking that has taken place throughout the season.

The latest episode, titled Elder Wisdom, showed more of a philosophical battle than actual heroes and villains throwing down, but that doesn't mean the third season plot, and certain character arcs, didn't move any further along.

Here's some of the more important parts of Young Justice: Outsiders episode 19.

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The majority of this episode revolves around Lex Luthor looking to discredit The Outsiders. The young team has become so popular that the villain can't let them go unchecked.

Part one of his plan was an assassination attempt on a country's leader. His hope was to take out Aqualad and Donna Troy, but while that part of his plan failed, he was able to plant the seeds of doubt on the effectiveness of The Outsiders.

The Outsiders were in the country—illegally—because of intel they gathered from the dark web. While they came and saved the day, Kid Flash was hurt before The Flash was called in by Luthor to detain the assassins.

Luthor got on camera after the incident to tell the world that The Outsiders, a group of kids, are not necessary since he has the Justice League on call. He even plays up the fact that Kid Flash was injured and it could happen to any of the other members.

This incident leads to the legal guardians of Wonder Girl, El Dorado and Kid Flash stopping them from being on The Outsiders moving forward.

While Beast Boy and the rest of the team go to Ireland to take on another threat, Luthor thinks he has succeeded. However, when he's on the G. Gordon Godfrey Show he asks for a hero registration. Godfrey, surprisingly, shows up Luthor with social media posts about The Outsiders and how they saved the day in Ireland and that the parents of those in the group who were originally opposed to them being on the team, accepting the idea of The Outsiders.

While Luthor is upset with Godfrey for not sticking to the script, the talk show host says this is a learning experience for Lex as he should not try to stop The Outsiders, instead embrace them and have them work for him.


Tara has been torn between helping Deathstroke and The Light or her team. In recent episodes she seems to be moving towards helping her team more than The Light, but after Halo finally tells her and her brother, Brion, that she's partially responsible for their parent's death Tara begins to have a panic attack.

She texts Deathstroke that The Outsiders are being split. Of course, by the end of the episode The Outsiders are stronger than ever but seeing Tara go back to Deathstroke can't be good for the young metahuman or the team.


At the end of the episode, it's revealed that the small handful of heroes that have been manipulating The Team, Outsiders and Justice League from the shadows were responsible for the attack in Ireland.

Batman and the rest of this group found out that Luthor has been trying to discredit The Outsiders and so they planned this incident in Ireland to get their credibility back. This is unbeknownst to the rest of The Outsiders, and Wonder Woman questions if what they are doing is right.

She says they are spreading fake news about what's happening. Even though it's with good intentions, doing so behind everyone's back and keeping things a secret may not be the right thing to do, she says.

This tension will likely become a continuing thread as the season moves forward.

Young Justice: Outsiders is available to stream anytime on DC Universe.

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