'Young Justice: Outsiders' Everything We Learned From Episode 17

Young Justice: Outsiders returns with a brand new episode this week, continuing the story and character arc for one Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy.

After the three-episode return of Young Justice: Outsiders last week, DC Universe will release just one new episode a week until the three-episode season finale on August 27. But there was plenty of character and story development for The Team and the Justice League in episode 17.

young justice outsiders episode 17 recap
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Naming the third season of Young Justice after the Outsiders was a dead giveaway the DC Comics team would eventually form, and we finally got to see it this week.

After Beast Boy confronted Granny Goodness and got more involved with The Team, he approached Miss Martian and Aquaman about his idea of creating a new team that is in the public eye.

Beast Boy feels being more present and appealing to teens will have a bigger impact. Since Lex Luthor and the rest of The Light handcuffed the Justice League with sanctions and bureaucracy, this new team can win over public opinion.

After some pushback, BB gets his wish and The Outsiders are formed. He is joined by Kid Flash (Wally West), Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl, Static, and Geo-Force but the rest of The Team doesn't feel comfortable enough to be in the spotlight.

Those who don't join The Outsiders still work under Miss Martian as her covert team.

While Beast Boy's new team isn't formally associated with The League, they will still get their orders from them.

The Outsiders also get their own base, The Hub, funded by Beast Boy's television money. This is where both The Outsiders and The Team will stay, with Helga looking after them.


It was revealed in the last episode that Geo-Force's sister, Tara, is secretly a spy for Deathstroke and The Light.

However, at the end of episode 17 it seems she might have a change of heart. Her time with Halo and Tigress reminds her of her parents and how they cared for her, and she's visibly concerned and conflicted by her actions. It isn't enough though, and by the end of the episode she gives information on The Outsiders to Deathstroke and awaits his orders.

It's possible that Tara will flip on Deathstroke or, more likely, she'll be found out by Halo or someone else.


Episode 17 ends with Batman, Aquaman, Nightwing and Oracle, Wonder Woman and Miss Martian secretly meeting to talk about the formation of The Outsiders. It's revealed that Aquaman knew about Intergang trying to steal Reach technology but set up the rescue mission to test Beast Boy's new team.

Aquaman asks Miss Martian if they should be including Beast Boy in on these meetings, but she feels he's not ready for this.

What "this" is isn't clear, but it's obvious that Batman's defection from the Justice League was a ploy to make The Light think that the League are fractured. Instead, it seems all of the teams are working together towards something bigger.

Young Justice: Outsiders is available to stream on DC Universe.

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