'Young Justice: Outsiders' Episode 18 Recap: New Team Member, and Violet Gets Bad News

Another new episode of Young Justice: Outsiders premiered on the DC Universe streaming service and it continues the evolution of the new team, and its young heroes.

Episode 18, titled Early Warning, sends the new Outsiders team on its toughest mission yet after one of the young heroes, Violet, gets some grave news. Beast Boy's new team even gets another member by the end of the episode.

There was quite a bit of awesome character development and plot progression in this week's episode. Here's the big takeaways from the new episode ofYoung Justice: Outsiders.

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Violet is one of the most powerful members of "The Team" as she was infused with the energy of a dying Mother Box. However, this process may have spelled an early doom for the young hero.

In the beginning of the episode, Violet, Tara and Forager are getting ready for school when she's stopped by Helga. She reveals that she took it upon herself to test Violet's DNAand it's revealed that everytime Violet uses her abilities to heal herself, her cells deteriorate and they don't regenerate.

Helga predicts that Violet will only last a few months, but she is looking into a solution to counteract the process. Violet tells Helga not to inform the rest of the team, but it's obvious that she's concerned.

This leads to Violet getting into trouble alongside Harper Row, a classmate of hers. There even seems to be a possible romance between the two. When Violet is bailed out of prison, M'Gann asks what's going on but the young hero doesn't say.

This news, along with the revelation that her past self caused the death of Brion's parents death, is likely to weigh on the hero moving forward.


The Light continue to find new ways to traffic and use metahuman teenagers. This time, Clarion the Witch Boy uses his magic to activate some teenagers' metahuman genes and combine them together into one giant monster.

The Outsiders are sent to Cuba to take Clarion out, which draws the concern of Justice League member, Zatana. Since the Justice League are barred from being in Cuba, Aquaman asks The Outsiders to take care of the situation since it's too public for the covert team.

Beast Boy and his team do a good job of making sure the Cuban authorities don't get in the way and, with Zatanna lending a hand, they defeat Clarion. Zatanna actually uses a spell to trap Clarion in the Tower of Fate, the home of Nabu (Doctor Fate). This may be a spell that Zatara - Zatanna's father and host of Nabu - taught her.

After they freed the kidnapped teens, The Outsiders brought some of them to live at the Metahuman Youth Center in New Mexico.


After returning from their mission, Eduardo Dorado Jr. asks Beast Boy to join the team. He feels that the metahuman teenagers at the center need to see one of them as part of The Outsiders to motivate them to master their abilities and see how they can use them for good.

Beast Boy accepts Eduardo into the group. No doubt his teleportation powers will come in handy on future missions.

Young Justice: Outsiders is available to stream now on DC Universe.

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