'Young Justice: Outsiders:' What We Learned from First 3 Episodes

After five years, Young Justice has returned for its third season on the DC Universe streaming service.

Fans of the animated series get to rejoin Nightwing, Aqualad, Artemis, Superboy and the rest of "The Team" on a new mission filled with more villains and metahumans. Young Justice: Outsiders takes place two years after the end of the second season of the series and with that time skip there's a lot we learned about the lives of our favorite teenage/young-adult heroes.

Only three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders were released on premiere day, but there's a lot to dissect from it.If you haven't watched it already, the rest of the section will contain major spoilers.

The Team…for now (Young Justice Ssn 3)
A new photo from "Young Justice: Outsiders." DC


The first episode of Young Justice Season 3 shows the new dynamic of "The Team" as well as the Justice League.

Miss Martian (with a look more akin to her White Martian roots) now leads "The Team." The "Alpha Squad" consists of Static, Wonder Girl, Robin (Tim Drake), Blue Beetle, Kid Flash (Bart Allen), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Gamma, and Arrowette.

Kaldur,now referred to as Aquaman, leads the Justice League. What this means for Arthur Curry is unknown at this time.

The Justice League now consists of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Steel, Red Tornado, Zatanna, Rocket, Plastic Man, Katana, Flash (Barry Allen), Batwoman, Cyborg, Shazam and Doctor Fate.

They are called for an emergency meeting to address the growing metahuman trafficking problem. Children with the metagene are being abducted and turned into soldiers for the enemy, but United Nations rules have hamstrung the League.

This leads to a divisive conversation between Batman and the rest of the League as he sees that their group has become obsolete and that there is another way. He decides to resign to form his own group called Batman Incorporated. Other members resign and join Batman including Green Arrow, Batwoman, Katana, Plastic Man, and Cyborg.

Arrowette, Spoiler and Robin leave "The Team" to join Batman Incorporated.

Black Lightning resigns as well, not to join Batman but because of the emotional distress he has faced in battle.


The first scenes of Season 3 show a battle on the alien planet, Rann. Superman is seen fighting the Parademons, but is not present in the Justice League emergency meeting.

Wonder Woman acknowledges everyone in attendance is stationed on Earth, so it's possible that Superman is stationed on Rann or another alien planet to help those in need.

However, when we see Superboy and Miss Martian later in the first episode the young Man of Steel contemplates how Superman has been off-Earth for so long and that it has put pressure on him to step up in his place.

Superman being on Earth could help the League and Team' with the human trafficking problem. It could be something to keep an eye on as the season progresses.


While there are new faces on The Team from Season 2, there are some missing heroes as well.

Beast Boy was not seen on The Team in the first three episodes as he has now become a television star. He makes a couple of appearances, but it seems like his fighting days are behind him.

Batgirl is also absent in the first three episodes. However, Nightwing is constantly talking with Oracle on his missions. In the comics, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) becomes Oracle after suffering an injury that leaves her unable to use her legs. It's unclear whether Young Justice is going down the same story path.

Roy Harper is seen living with Artemis and his daughter Lian. Roy now goes by the name Will and is seemingly inactive.

Bumblebee, Guardian and Lagoon Boy are not seen or mentioned in the first three episodes. With more episodes to come this season, fans may see them before it's over.


A big part of the first two seasons of Young Justice were the relationships of our heroes, and that continues in the third season.

Superboy and Miss Martian are still a couple and living together. The two become engaged before he goes on a mission with Nightwing. Robin and Wonder Girl are also seen to be a couple before he leaves to join Batman Incorporated. Whether that drives a wedge between them is unclear.

In episode 3, it's revealed that Beast Boy is dating Princess Perdita of Vlatava. She's the niece of Count Vertigo and Young Justice fans may remember her from the season 1 episode, "Coldhearted" where Kid Flash was tasked with getting a new heart to her.

It seems that Artemis has not fallen into a relationship during the time skip, but does still have a photo of her and Wally West by her bedside.

Young Justice: Outsiders can be streamed anytime on DC Universe.

What did you think of the first three episodes of the season? What do you hope happens moving forward? Let us know in the comments section below.