'Young Justice: Outsiders' What We Learned From Episodes 14-16

Young Justice: Outsiders is back with three new episodes that continue the story of The Team and how they plan to fight back against Lex Luthor, Darkseid and the forces of evil.

A lot has happened in the first 13 episodes in the third season of the popular animated series. However, episodes 14-16, while light on plot progression, gave a lot more time to world building and character development.

Here's what stood out to us in episodes 14-16 of Young Justice: Outsiders.

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After being mostly absent this season, Garfield Logan has become a bigger player in the third season. Following the discovery that the Goode Goggles are being used to abduct metahumans - part of the larger metahuman trafficking story - Beast Boy confronts Granny Goodness over her role in the scheme.

Beast Boy even tells Granny that he knows who she really is and what she's up to. This brings unwanted attention to Logan as he is an actor on one of Granny's production studio's shows. She is seen hijacking tapings of the show to make working conditions worse for Beast Boy. He's locked into a contract so he can't just quit.

However, he's not deterred as he rejoins The Team to try and get back at her.

In Episode 15, Beast Boy is part of an operation in Russia to gather intel on the Red Rocket Brigade program.

In Episode 16, he is one of the team members who goes to the metahuman youth center in Taos. After Beast Boy and The Team stopped an abduction plot by the group, Onslaught, he - along with the second Kid Flash and Blue Beetle - talk to reporters about what happened. Because The Team is the Justice League's covert operation unit, getting in front of the media could make it harder for them to do their jobs.

Beast Boy's connections to Granny Goodness will make him an integral part of the rest of season 3, but taking charge in Episode 16 showed how much he's grown as a hero and a possible leader.


In Episode 15, The Team intercepts Task Force X a.k.a. the Suicide Squad. Black Manta, Captain Boomerang and Monsieur Mallah - under Amanda Waller's orders - were tasked with destroying the Red Rocket Brigade program.

The Team foiled their plans after the two cover teams crossed paths for the first time. Later in the episode, Aquaman and Amanda Waller come face-to-face after The Team puts the Suicide Squad back in Belle Reve.

Waller tells Aquaman about her team, but makes sure that Kal'Dur knows that she knows the Justice League has a covert ops team of their own. And with the heat the League has been receiving in recent months The Team's outing wouldn't go over well with the public.

For now, The Team and the Suicide Squad will have to co-exist and stay out of each others way.


In Episode 14, the Justice League take on Granny Goodness and her Furies in space. During the battle, Granny Goodness incapacitates Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawk Woman with a dangerous new weapon. Granny Goodness also incapacitates her Furies with no regard for their well-being.

Superman grabs Big Barda and slowly gets her and himself out of the blast before he attacks the weapon and disables it. Barda is shocked by Superman's actions, but before anything else happens Granny teleports the League into space using a Father Box.

This is Barda's debut in Young Justice, but those who are familiar with the comics know that while she was once a member of Darkseid's army she eventually becomes a valued member of the League. While this was a quick scene, Superman's selflessness could mean that Barda will join the side of good in the episodes to come.


Could you believe there's a mole on The Team? Shocking, we know, but it's revealed that Brion's sister Tara is keeping tabs on The Team, and reporting to Deathstroke.

This is a call back to the classic Teen Titans storyline, The Judas Contract, where Tara betrays the Titans under the orders of Slade Wilson. Tara has been suspiciously quiet since Brion and the rest of the team rescued her from Onslaught and now we know why.

It's unclear what the endgame is, but we know Deathstroke is working with Luthor so you know it can't be good.

Young Justice: Outsiders is available to stream now on DC Universe.

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