'Young Justice' Season 3 Creators Talk Jack Kirby 'Fourth World' Influence & More at SDCC

Young Justice went big at San Diego Comic Con 2018. In addition to confirming two new characters for Season 3—Forager and Halo—during the Friday panel, the series creators divulged everything they could about the plot without spoiling what's to come. Here's all the major reveals from SDCC.

It's About Metahuman Trafficking

"The Reach came to Earth in Season 2—The Krolotean and The Light and the forces of Apokolips were involved—and what they revealed to the world is the existence of the metagene in a percentage of the population. Now everybody is trying to capitalize on the metagene. First-world nations, third-world nations, rogue nations, corporations, everyone is looking to weaponize the metagene. Criminal organizations, you name it. Trafficking has become a big thing on Earth 16 in the DC Universe for Season 3."—Greg Weisman, creator

There's A Time Jump

"Time has passed, and [Artemis] is grieving. That's where we pick up. Where it goes, we aren't talking about."—Jamie Thomason, voice director

"You saw in the clip at the end of Season 2 that Dick left the team, and I think you'll find Wally's passing is a huge factor in their lives and how they operate and the meaning they take from what they do. They miss him all the time. It's a big thing."—Weisman

On The New DC Universe Platform

"There is a little bit darker and more mature energy, which the platform lends itself to. It's scandalous in some ways, it's juicy."—Stephanie Lemelin, voice of Artemis

The Meaning Behind "Outsiders"

"For our third season, we wanted to bring in a different group of characters who didn't necessarily know who they want to be, who didn't think about being heroes or villains or having power. After fleshing out a world full of characters with so many crazy powers, we were thinking this is a scary place we built, when there are this many people running around with superpowers, some good, some bad, some being corrupted and used as weapons of mass destruction. We wanted to focus on characters who are growing up in this world… they are outsiders to this world."— Brandon Vietti, creator

young justice outsiders new team
The new team is coming to 'Young Justice: Outsiders' DC Universe

Will Season 3 Look Different?

"Young Justice has always been a big show about these characters and their lives in and out of costume, but it's also a DC Universe show, which makes it perfect for bringing this back. It's about digging into the history and the lore, looking at the traditions and how they are used in our narrative, and what different contexts they are going to be appearing in. We've established so much that there are ground rules."—Phil Bourassa, lead character designer

"These dudes make me justify every choice. Some stuff with design is just instinct, but we have to make sure it works on a mechanical and narrative level. Talking about the genesis of the show, our boss, Sam Register, always gave us the rule that we can take liberties, but the design has to pass the squint test. The characters have a distinct look that is very Young Justice, but they are recognizable to their comic book counterparts. It's given its context by the texture of the world we are trying to create."—Bourassa

More About The New Characters

"I'm really excited about Forager. Jason Spisak, who voiced Wally West, will also voice Forager. He looks very different from the Frager you know from the comics. We wanted a different look to the character. He's of the bug race in the comics and we wanted a visual that respected that idea and changed the look of the lineup."—Vietti

"Forager is one of the most fun characters to draw, he has a fun silhouette and fun shapes. He brings a certain levity, much like Wally did in Seasons 1 and 2 so it's appropriate he's being voiced by Jason. The design itself, there was a lot of back and forth. We have such a huge cast, we have to be sharpshooters. We try not to dally too long, but because Forager plays such an important role this season, there were a few passes. He started off a little monster-y and we gradually softened him up. It's really nice when you have a character who has a buoyancy, tenderness and inherent fun and charm on the visuals alone."—Bourassa

The Team…for now (Young Justice Ssn 3)
A new photo from "Young Justice: Outsiders." DC

"Forager is a different species from a different planet and he sees Earth from a different perspective. The other new character you may have seen is Halo, one of the original Outsiders [from the comic books]. The voice actress is Zehra Fazal. I wrote the role with her in mind. She plays Halo, but she also plays about a dozen other characters in Season 3. This time next year, you will be lining up to talk to her."—Weisman

Season 3 Was Already Planned

"We hadn't fully fleshed it out yet, but there were tons of leftover ideas we just couldn't get to in Season 1 and 2. We also got together one night at a Mexican restaurant trying to remember the past and where we left off and where made the most sense to pick up, what characters and the next most logical place for them to go. Some of the stories just started to write themselves."—Vietti

Tackling Jack Kirby's "Fourth World" stories

"From an art standpoint, he's laid down so much groundwork for us that we have this wealth of inspiration we can draw from. Kirby's work is many things. He's practically the author of an art form, in terms of the way he approached comics. There's just an epic scale with his stuff so it fits in nicely with the Young Justice universe, because we are going for epic. There is a mass and weight to his stuff and a unique language to how he does technology, ancient monolithic gods and stuff like that, so we tapped into some interesting stuff to bring that to life this season. Like Apokolyptic tech, we looked at brutalist architecture. We tried to bring that in with the environmental design, the colors, also into the character design, weaving in similar themes." —Bourassa

"It's a great contrast to the grounded approach this season. It's fun to put him into the show as a contrast and counterweight to what we are trying to depict on screen."—Vietti

Release Date & Footage

You can check out the new trailer revealed at SDCC in the player above. There is no specific release date, but Warner Bros. revealed the top half of Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere after the finale of the live-action Titans series this fall.

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