Young Woman Transforms Into Grandma to Sneakily Film Friend's Engagement

A woman went the extra mile to secretly capture her friend's engagement and shared the results to her TikTok account, where the videos went viral.

The videos were shared on TikTok user @5footnothing_2222's account. She explained in one video, viewed more than 13 million times, that her friend's partner asked her to be present at the engagement to film the proposal. The video also showed what she looked like while undercover, and the other TikToks show what went into the major transformation, as well as her friend's reaction.

It isn't uncommon to have someone secretly film or photograph an occasion as special as a proposal, and a piece published by WeddingWire explained the best ways a couple can get a memorable set of pictures.

In @5footnothing_2222's first video of the series, which was viewed more than two million times, she showed a bag containing clothes, glasses and loafers she just purchased.

"Let's get ready," the voiceover stated.

The next clip reveals @5footnothing_2222 wearing a short gray wig, a pair of glasses and a chunky cardigan paired with a houndstooth-printed pair of pants. She takes a sip of her energy drink while on the train and does a little dance before walking into a restaurant.

@5footnothing_2222 posted another video that shows her sitting at a table just a few feet away from the soon-to-be engaged couple as the Mission Impossible theme song plays in the background. It then cuts to her friend putting the ring on just before she noticed @5footnothing_2222.

Her friend's jaw dropped as she looked back at her fiancé in disbelief, but quickly broke into a smile.

Engagement Ring
A woman's series of videos on TikTok that show her wearing a disguise as she captured the moment her friend got engaged went viral. photominus/iStock

According to WeddingWire, there are a few details that can make a proposal photograph special.

Elements like a good location, solid lighting and the people in the photograph are some of the most important aspects of the picture, according to Brian Flint the owner of b.flint photography.

While those are some things to consider, the article also recommended a few other pieces of advice for the person preparing to pop the question, like taking the time to propose, making eye contact with the photographer before the proposal and keeping the photographer a surprise.

"It might feel tempting to point out the hidden photographer right before your proposal, but that has the potential to spoil the moment," the piece stated. "Instead, we recommend waiting until after your partner has said yes—that way, you can get snapshots of the genuine excitement of the engagement, followed by the realization that everything was just captured on camera."

TikTok viewers were impressed by the lengths @5footnothing_2222 went to create her disguise, and many were touched by her friend's reaction to seeing her.

"The way she was lowkey happier knowing that YOU were involved," @harmony_mo0re commented.

"If this isn't true friendship, I don't know what is," wrote. "You were definitely committed, fair play."

Newsweek reached out to @5footnothing_2222 for further comment.