YouTube Couple Arrested for Alleged Overnight Target Stay

A Pennsylvania-based YouTube couple was arrested last month after allegedly spending the night at a local Target, according to multiple reports.

The couple was released on a $25,000 bond; however, they now face charges of third-degree criminal trespassing and conspiracy, said Fox 29 News.

According to the West Whiteland Township Police, the couple—Johnson Larose, 25, and Charlotte Fischer, 24—spent the night at the shopping center on February 21 as part of a social media challenge known as the "24 hour overnight challenge."

A video of the challenge was posted to the couple's YouTube page, "Saucy and Honey," on February 21. So far, it has received more than 12,000 views and over 400 comments. In the video, the couple builds and subsequently hides behind a fort during closing time. Once all the store's workers have left, the two aimlessly roam the shopping center's empty aisles.

Though the couple told their followers that they spent 24 hours inside the Target, police told Fox 29 that they actually "left through an emergency exit around 3 a.m. and tripped the alarm." The couple then returned to the store around 8 a.m. to finish filming the challenge, according to police.

Police were dispatched to the location when the alarm was tripped, but they didn't find anyone at the scene. The following day, however, a few of the store's employees found after-hours surveillance footage that showed the couple in the shopping center.

"They weren't out to harm anybody, but we want to make sure this doesn't happen again," Detective Scott Pezick told Fox 29.

As previously stated, the couple was arrested but has since been released on an "unsecured bail," said Fox 29. Per their bail agreement, Larose and Fischer cannot visit any Pennsylvania Target store. A hearing has been set for March 24.

The overnight challenge was created in 2016 by a group of Belgian teens, according to the Wall Street Journal. One of the teens, Michael Manfre, who spoke to the newspaper in 2018 said the goal of the challenge was to sneak inside a store or restaurant just before closing time, and remain there undetected until the next day.

A YouTube search of the challenge revealed that Walmart, Target and IKEA are popular locations for the challenge, as well as schools.

In 2018, Detective Inspector Anna Sedgwick of South Yorkshire Police in the United Kingdom issued a warning that this challenge could be dangerous, ITV News reported.

"Warehouses and shopping departments contain large quantities of heavy stock and items that could easily fall and crush someone if they are moved incorrectly, or used to build makeshift forts," Sedgwick said.

"As well as the safety risk, children often do this without the knowledge of their parents, which could lead to large-scale searches or even cause them to be reported as missing," Sedgwick continued.

A Pennsylvania-based YouTube couple was arrested last month after allegedly spending the night at a local Target, according to multiple reports. The pair were allegedly participating in a popular social media challenge. YakobchukOlena/istock