Man Shares Angry Video after Being Kicked out of Gym for Harassing Woman

A man, who is part of the online "incel" community, filmed himself being kicked out of a gym after asking a woman if she wanted a massage and then posted the clip online.

The video was put on the YouTube channel of the man, who goes by the alias Jay Rockefeller, and it was later shared on Reddit, where it gained over 6,000 votes. It shows Rockefeller being escorted out of the gym after being informed his membership has been revoked.

At the start, a worker politely tells the man that his membership card already "said revoked and we gotta talk to you at the front," in the gym's changing rooms. The man denies that his membership has previously been revoked and demands that the worker "fix it right now."

The man can then be seen yelling profanities at the workers, refusing to leave. "Fix it right now," he repeatedly says to a worker while filming. Another staff member blocks him from going back into the gym, telling him, "Don't make me call the cops on you."

In the video, the YouTube user can be heard claiming the cause for membership being revoked is because "he hit on a b**ch the other day," and, "For talking to a girl." However, part one of the video on his channel showed that he approached a woman in the gym, and told her: "You got a nice body, do you wanna get a massage after this," while filming her.

In the "Part One" shared on his YouTube, he's asked to leave after harassing the woman. "You can kiss my a**, b**ch," he can be heard telling the worker as he is escorted out, all while filming.

When the worker tries to explain why he's being removed, he's cut off with more shouting. At the end of the video, the man then shouted about: "hot whores," after he claimed it wouldn't happen if he was a "hot b**ch," and he repeatedly insults the worker.

The man behind the video is seemingly a part of the online "incel" community, otherwise known as "involuntary celibate" people. The community is made up of men who claim to be unable to find romantic or sexual partners despite their efforts, but it has been widely criticized for becoming a breeding ground of deep-rooted and dangerous hatred for women.

In the videos, he refers to himself as a "mentalcel" and a "gymcel," while other videos show his own experiments at proving the "black pill" theory, something which is common in the community. The "black pill" theory spans from the "red pill" idea that society is actually controlled by women, both socially and economically.

"Black pill" was coined in 2012, and suggests that women choose partners by their looks only. As looks are predetermined before birth, whether or not a man will be an "incel" is also set then. The theory also focuses on the idea that the whole "sexual system" is broken and the only way to handle it is to just not engage with it at all.

In one video, titled "Lubricious male attempts approaching salacious, ambrosial women," he approaches women in public asking if they will be his girlfriend and films their reactions. While another video shows him approaching women in car parks, asking if they find him "hot," and then asking why he is "ugly."

"I go up to girls and none of them even wanna f**k with me, what a joke, the black pill is real," he said in one video.

The gym video in specific has been met with shock and criticism online, particularly on Reddit, which plays host to many "incel" groups.

"The gym is easily in the top 10 list of worst places to approach anyone, I think. I know a lot of people who basically consider attention of any kind while at the gym a nightmare," wrote one user.

"This dude seems super dangerous," wrote another.

Angry man on a cell phone
Shadow of an angry man on a cell phone. A man shared a video of him being removed from a gym. Getty Images