YouTube Removes QAnon Channel That Repeatedly Featured Convicted Pedophile

YouTube has removed a QAnon channel from its platform after a convicted child molester was invited onto the host's show on multiple occasions.

QAnon influencer Mike Penny's channel was removed from the video-sharing platform earlier this week for violating its policy, a YouTube spokesperson told Newsweek.

Penny allowed unrepentant pedophile David Todeschini, 71, onto his 28,800-subscriber-strong channel on at least five occasions between December 1 and January 18.

According to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Todeschini carried out two sexual assaults in the state in the 1990s.

Todeschini was convicted in 1999 of sexual abuse in the first degree and sodomy in the second degree of a then 8-year-old boy.

He is listed as a "sexually violent offender" and a Level 3 Risk offender, meaning he represents a "high risk of repeat offense and a threat to public safety."

Todeschini has since moved to North Carolina and has been listed on the state's sex offender registry as of July 2020.

According to Vice News, prior to being exposed as a convicted pedophile by Right Wing Watch in 2021, Todeschini spent several years promoting QAnon beliefs and falsely accused Democrats of being part of a global child sex trafficking ring.

While YouTube removed the channel following Todeschini's appearances, a spokesperson said the termination was due to sharing prohibited content.

The spokesperson added: "We terminated the channel flagged to us by Newsweek for its dedication to violating our harassment policy, which prohibits content that targets someone by suggesting they are complicit in a conspiracy theory that is used to justify real-world violence, including QAnon."

Following a fallout among other QAnon influencers, Penny publicly denounced his involvement with Todeschini claiming to have "mistakenly" let him on his show.

Penny previously claimed in a Telegram livestream to be unaware of court documents that revealed Todeschini's criminality and detailed abuse of his victim.

But in the same livestream he also admitted to having watched a video on Bitchute that outlined the content of the documents before he added: "I didn't take it any further than that."

Todeschini is unrepentant and claimed in the livestream he never carried out the crime and the charges against him were "bull****."

When questioned about his criminal past by others in the livestream, Todeschini went on a rant and claimed he could provide evidence that would prove his innocence, but ultimately he never did.

QAnon followers share the unfounded belief that a global cabal network of cannibalistic pedophiles operates an interconnected network of politicians, Hollywood stars and wealthy businessmen.

They also believe that former President Donald Trump will somehow reveal the members of this elite pedophile group and order their arrests and executions.

Split photo of Q and David Todeschini
A split image of a 'Q' bumper sticker and David Todeschini. YouTube has removed a channel that Todeschini appeared on multiple times. Getty/ NC State Bureau of Investigation