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Active Shooter Reported At YouTube Headquarters: Live Updates

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

UPDATE 11:51 p.m. EST — Authorities have identified the alleged shooter as 39-year-old Nasim Najafi Aghdam, a southern California resident. Aghdam is confirmed dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

UPDATE 9:24 p.m. EST — Two law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that the incident is being investigated as a domestic dispute. The suspect allegedly drove nearly 500 miles north from San Diego on Tuesday to the YouTube offices in San Bruno, sources told KRON-TV.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki issued a statement regarding the Tuesday afternoon shooting.

"There are no words to describe how horrible it was to have an active shooter @YouTube today. Our deepest gratitude to law enforcement & first responders for their rapid response. Our hearts go out to all those injured & impacted today. We will come together to heal as a family," tweeted Wojcicki.

Meanwhile, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon made a statement first reported on by CNET's Richard Nieva ridiculing "rightwing lawmakers."

UPDATE 6:42 p.m. EST — CNET reported that none of the hospitalized victims is in surgery, or going into surgery, according to the SF General Hospital trauma surgeon. All three victims are awake. Surgeon Andre Campbell could not indicate what type of weapon was used based on the victims' wounds. Police said the suspected shooter likely knew at least one of the victims.

UPDATE 6:03 p.m. EST — San Francisco General Hospital spokesman Brent Andrew said they are treating three gunshot victims, two women and a man.

One of the women is 32 years old and is seriously injured, according to police. The other woman is 27 years old and is in fair condition. The man is 36 years old and is in critical condition.

Joe Fragola, a spokesman for Kaiser South San Francisco, told the Mercury News that the hospital has triaged a female victim who was not shot but may have a sprained ankle. CNN reported that neighboring Stanford University Medical Center will also receive people.

UPDATE: 5:51 p.m. EST — President Donald Trump tweeted that he has been briefed on the shooting and offered his "thoughts and prayers."

UPDATE: 5:36 p.m. EST — San Bruno Chief of Police Ed Barberini said four victims have been transported to a local hospital for "gunshot-related injuries." Barberini said police found a deceased female suspect, whom they believe to be the shooter, with a potentially a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Numerous agencies are helping search the YouTube premises and in an ongoing investigation.

Barberini said the building has been evacuated and called it a "monumental task" to search the area because of the number of employees and the area's size.

Google advised employees still on the San Bruno campus to shelter in place until further notice, while others with business at YouTube were advised to stay away from the area.

UPDATE: 5:30 p.m. EST —CNN sources said a female suspect is dead at the scene.

CNBC also tweeted that a female suspect was deceased at the scene.

UPDATE: 5:06 p.m. EST New reports from CNN said the number of people transported to hospitals after an active shooter situation at YouTube's headquarters is significantly lower. Spokesperson Lisa Kim at Stanford Hospital said "There are 4 to 5 patients en route to hospital – would not say injuries or condition."

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital confirmed to CNBC they had received some patients with gunshot wounds. The hospital said it could not give an exact count yet.

UPDATE: 4:52 p.m. EST — The San Bruno Police Department scanner said 37 people were transported to nearby hospitals after an active shooter situation was reported at YouTube's headquarters in California, according to Outline reporter Paris Martineau.

The number had not yet been confirmed by law enforcement.

A law enforcement source told KGO-TV the shooter was an adult white female wearing a dark top and headscarf. Authorities had not publicly confirmed the description.

The shooter appeared to still be at large, and the scene at the San Bruno, California, headquarters was still active.

Original story:

Reports of an active shooter at YouTube's San Bruno, California, headquarters were being called into 911 emergency services Tuesday, the City Manager's office said. Employees were seen in several videos posted to social media being walked from the building with their hands above their heads.

Unconfirmed reports of two people being injured by a person with a firearm at the 901 Cherry Avenue office began about 1:13 p.m. PT, KRON-TV first reported. The San Bruno Police Department informed people on Twitter to "please stay out of the area" as the investigation into the potential active shooter continues at the Google company headquarters.

Several people on Twitter reported that SWAT teams had begun to enter the building. Snapchat users also posted videos of people being evacuated from the premises.

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