YouTuber CallMeCarson Tweets for the First Time Since Grooming Allegations

YouTuber CallMeCarson has posted on social media for the first time since he was accused of inappropriately texting with fans. Carson King tweeted and immediately deleted the tweet on May 17, and reportedly liked and unliked a tweet.

Yesterday evening, King retweeted an article from The Hill about President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump's polling figures from September 2020. He quote-tweeted the piece and added: "mmmm."

King immediately deleted this tweet and then reportedly tweeted, "accidental tweet, carry on," before deleting this tweet, too.

Carson tweeted this and deleted it right after it was tweeted.

— Nope (@Pizzaroll__God) May 18, 2021

At least Carsons ok

— KK (@SuperKK69) May 18, 2021

INSTANT REGRET: Minecraft YouTuber Call Me Carson posts for the first time in months following disappearance due to allegations of inappropriate contact with minors. Immediately deletes. Says it was an accidental tweet. He also allegedly liked and quickly disliked a tweet.

— Def Noodles (@defnoodles) May 18, 2021

Furthermore, it appears as though King liked a tweet that said: "Every drama channel on YouTube explaining how CallMeCarson accidentally tweeting something means that he's coming back," before unliking this tweet too.

Some CallMeCarson fans were happy to see he tweeted, like one Twitter user who said: "I'm honestly just glad Carson is ok, I was starting to get worried about him."

However, some do not want the YouTuber to return to social media, like one Twitter user who said: "CallMeCarson [trying to] test the waters, how about we don't let him come back."

It has been suggested that CallMeCarson may have accidentally tweeted from his main account rather than a secret or alternative account, while others believe he may be testing the reaction to his return.

In January, a woman named Sam accused Carson King of grooming her when she was 17 and he was 19. Sam alleges that she and King messaged privately, including correspondence of a sexual nature.

Soon after the allegations against King were made, YouTuber Keemstar, real name Daniel Keem, interviewed two of King's former Lunch Club collaborators, Noah and Traves. They both told Keemstar that King had told them that he had exchanged inappropriate messages with underaged fans.

Another former Lunch Club member Slimecicle (Charlie Dalgleish) then said on Twitter that when he learned that King had exchanged nude photos with a 17-year-old fan, he contacted law enforcement and "cut all ties" with King. Cooper Schulz, another Lunch Club collaborator, said that he too had cut all ties with King.

Schlatt and Ted Nivison also spoke out about the allegations and condemned King's behavior, with the former saying, "there's a recurring problem now of content creators who take complete advantage of and manipulate the people that care about them the most," adding that he hopes King gets the help he needs.

Nivison said he would remove any videos featuring King from his YouTube channel and said: "I applaud the bravery of those who have spoken out about sexual misconduct and hope that you are able to find all of the help and support to properly heal."

Newsweek has contacted King for comment.

The Twitter app on a smartphone with the Twitter logo in the background. YouTuber Carson King tweeted for the first time since allegations were made against him in January. Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty