YouTuber Gabbie Hanna 'Faked' Going to Coachella: 'I Can Pull This Off'

YouTube personality Gabbie Hanna, who boasts more than 6.5 million followers on the platform, revealed Monday that she faked social media posts which made it appear she had attended the second weekend of the 2019 Coachella Music Festival.

Hanna, 28, shared via Instagram Saturday that she was "happy" to attend Coachella and "so excited to play dress up and enjoy the culture & live music." She also thanked her friend, Sydney, for convincing her to go to this year's festival. Hanna then surprised fans on Monday when she revealed she had actually "faked it all."

Hanna said Kellan Hendry, who has cultivated more than 660,000 Instagram folowers for his surrealist photography, helped her photoshop her faux Coachella experience. She also directed fans to check out a related YouTube video she ,ade, called "I Faked Going To Coachella," which details why and how she pulled off the stunt.

"If you've paid close attention to me throughout the past couple or few years, you know that I am not Coachella's biggest advocate. Now here's the thing, I don't have anything against Coachella per se. In fact, as an artist, it would be an absolute dream to be on the lineup at Coachella," Hanna said. "But to me, a socially awkward, socially anxious introverted hermit—the idea of going into the desert for three days in very, very hot heat and then very, very cold nights in the dust and the dirt without access to healthy food or reasonably priced alcohol or showers that is not walking distance away from your hotel or even an Uber to get [to] your hotel. I don't know."

"All of it just seems like a lot of work for me, personally. I'm a homebody, or as other people like to call it, lazy. But yea, it's just not for me," she added.

Hanna said her trick "was by no means a unique idea," as she cited fellow digital influencers Niki & Gabi, Carolyn Strich and Natalies Outlet as having done similar stunts previously. She argued that "there's a lot of people that go to Coachella who do not enjoy the experience" and see the event as an "investment" in their social media clout. She told viewers that's why she attempted to create the Coachella experience in photos without venturing to the desert.

"I can pull this off because I know people who go to Coachella weekend one and bring twice as many outfits and double up on their outfit each day so that they can pretend like they're at Coachella weekend two, but they're not. They're at home. Social media is a lie," she explained. "So what I'm doing isn't that far from reality anyways."

Hanna then showed how she faked the Coachella experience from her friend Sydney's home in Marina Del Rey, California. She pretended Sydney's bedroom was her Airbnb, they created a fake version of the Coachella artist wristband, and they found spaces around Sydney's home where the background could be manipulated for the pictures photographer Vitaly S Kibenko took of her.

After receiving the edited photos back from Hendry, she said she was "extremely nervous" to post them because "it looks real" and "too nice." In sharing the photos, she received several tags and reposts of her pictures.

Hanna's digital career commenced on the now-defunct Vine app under The Gabbie Show, before launching a successful YouTube channel of the same name later that year. She's expanded her reach beyond YouTube to release musical singles like "Monster" and debut her book Adultolescence in 2017. Celebrity Net Worth reported that Hanna currently as a net worth of approximately $2 million.

Hanna didn't have any further comment to provide to Newsweek's report.

YouTuber Gabbie Hanna 'Faked' Her Coachella Experience
Gabbie Hanna is pictured attending The 8th Annual Streamy Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 22, 2018, in Beverly Hills, California. Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Streamy Awards