YouTuber McSkillet Allegedly Involved in 100 MPH Car Crash That Left Two Dead, Eight Injured

On Thursday afternoon, a McLaren going more than 100 MPH (160 KPH) on the wrong side of Interstate 805 in San Diego killed two people and injured eight more. The driver of the McLaren is allegedly an 18-year-old Counter Strike YouTuber known online as McSkillet, who may have passed away in the crash.

A handful of the YouTuber's friends have seemingly confirmed his passing on Twitter, but police have yet to officially link the accident with the content creator. According to exqu1ty on Twitter, McSkillet was "struggling with some major issues in his life that eventually pushed him to his limits."

According to Fox 5 San Diego, thirty minutes before the crash, a witnesses saw a black McLaren ram through a fence at a local elementary school, then drive off. California highway patrol investigators did not comment whether the vehicle involved in the incident at the school was McSkillet's.

McSkillet hadn't uploaded to his YouTube channel in more than five months. He was "trade banned" on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, locking him out of his massive collection of expensive and rare weapon skins. He had also owned the gambling site CSGO Magic, which allowed users to spend real money for a chance to win exotic cosmetics, but the site closesd down after a rule change from the game's developer, Valve. In a now-deleted tweet, McSkillet said "all my steam accounts are banned so I'm not going to try and make videos anymore."

Members of the Counter Strike and YouTube communities have already been tweeting about the alleged passing of McSkillet. Some have been sympathetic, while others have gone on the attack.

is this mcskillet thing real did he die in a car accident?

— mOE (@m0E_tv) August 24, 2018

Very sad news about the tragic incident in San Diego.

At this point it's pretty much confirmed that @OG_McSkillet was in fact driving the McLaren.

Horrible that he had to take his own life, however, that doesn't excuse the manner in which he did it. Claiming multiple lives.

— Joe Grech $CHZ (@JoeBGrech) August 24, 2018

Imagine driving down the highway & some suicidal 18 year old youtuber with a Super car kills you & a family member.

I’m actually so angry right now. Innocent people died for no reason at all.

— KEEM 🍿 (@KEEMSTAR) August 24, 2018

Newsweek will update this story when more information is released.