Youtuber MrBeast Plans to Create Real Life 'Squid Game' and Fans Already Want to Join

As it makes Netflix's history books, Squid Game looks to become a real thing too—thanks to one of the most popular YouTubers.

MrBeast has promised to recreate the show in real life if a particular video reached 10 million likes. It currently stands at 15 million.

The hit series takes on the premise of a large-scale series of games with 456 participants, all desperate for money and competing for 45.6 billion won. Each game is a traditional Korean children's game with far-less innocent consequences for leaving. Participants are brutally and immediately killed as soon as they are disqualified from a game.

MrBeast has reached the like threshold he required to recreate the games, but hasn't revealed any details on how it will all work. His version of the games, however, will presumably not run the risk of being fatally shot.


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It might sound far-fetched to recreate Squid Game in reality, but that is MrBeast's style. His YouTube channel churns out competition videos with viewers, which often see them competing in childhood games for large sums of money.

An extreme game of "tag" saw participants playing in a huge stadium, competing for the $500,000 prize money. Just over one month ago, 100 viewers battled it out for $500,000 simply by seeing who could stay in a circle drawn on the floor for the longest. Finalists made it up to 12 days in the circle.

An extreme game of "hide and seek" took place in an abandoned city with the chance of winning $60,000.

Just like Squid Game, the videos rake in the views and his channel is one of the most popular on YouTube, with 71 million subscribers.

In the lead-up to his promise of recreating the show, internet users had been comparing the YouTuber's videos to the show and jokingly comparing Mr. Beast to the games' ringleader.

One Twitter user even created an edit, imagining what Squid Game would look like if it was a MrBeast video, filled with his recognizable editing style. "MASSIVE Red Light, Green Light game for 45 BILLION," read the imagined video title.

Watching the Netflix show may scare some participants from attempting the MrBeast version, but fans of the YouTuber have already begun pleading for entry into the games.

"Please let me be in it. I really need this and it would mean so much to me," commented one TikTok user.

"Let me be in. I swear to god I was a fan when you had 600k subscribers," wrote another.

Newsweek has contacted MrBeast for comment.

A still from "Squid Game" on Netflix.
The contestants from "Squid Game" on Netflix. Netflix