YouTuber PewDiePie 'Doesn't Get' The Backlash Against James Charles: 'I Don't Think What Tati Did Was Justified'

Another widely popular YouTube creator has joined the conversation regarding the recent blowout between beauty influencers Tati Westbrook and James Charles. PewDiePie, the YouTube creator with the second-most subscriptions, posted a video Sunday titled "James Charles is Canceled" to his 95 million subscribers.

While the video may lead viewers into thinking this is yet another Charles-bashing video, it is actually the opposite. PewDiePie - born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg - pointed out several things about Westbrook's viral exposé video.

"I think it's worth noting here that Tati is 37 years old," Kjellberg said to the camera. "For a 'mother figure' to completely drag this kid – does no one have a problem with this?"

"It feels very manipulative, this whole thing," he continued. "Maybe you don't agree with me on that ... but it's how she talks about her brand, [Halo Beauty] ... [the video] is basically an ad."

He concluded: "It feels a lot like James Charles, bad. [Tati], good, very good."

Following the video going live, viewers quickly began to point out that Kjellberg was a lot of key points within the Charles-centered scandal.

"You're missing so many key points as well and some points you're making aren't 100 percent accurate," PewDiePie viewer Stephanie Elizabeth wrote.

"No tea no shade but I'm not gonna lie mate, it doesn't really sound like you watched the video fully," Vicky H added.

"PewDiePie low-key made an oopsie posting this without being informed," Brassy Paige concluded.

Think Pewdiepie completely missed the point on that new video, James friends provoked Tati publicly hence her detailed response of what she’s put up with for years. Also pressuring men into sex is a pretty big deal. I’m guessing he just didn’t properly watch the video.

— Alex Elmslie (@ImAllexx) May 12, 2019

Kjellberg hasn't addressed the claims from viewers that he "missed the mark" on the Westbrook, Charles drama but he did retweet a 2014 tweet by Charles saying, "attractive straight boys will be the death of me."

PewDiePie is the latest YouTuber to comment on the newest scandal within YouTube's beauty community. Earlier on Sunday, influencer Jeffree Star took to Twitter to address the scandal saying that everything Westbrook said about Charles was "100 percent true."

In Star's tweet, he mentioned his boyfriend Nathan and referenced the same event that Westbrook referenced in her latest video.

"There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again," Star tweeted Sunday. "There's a reason why I haven't seen him since [Westbrook's] birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100 percent true."

The makeup guru is close friends with Westbrook and was previously on good terms with Charles, who was featured — along with Star — in an August 2018 video posted onto YouTube O.G., Shane Dawson's channel.

Dawson's video was posted before Westbrook's birthday in February, but fans were still confused Sunday by Star's claim that he hadn't been in contact with Charles since then.

Star has not provided clarification since his tweet Sunday, but both YouTube and Twitter are up in arms about the new revelation to the James Charles scandal.