YouTuber's Video of Real Life Squid Game Set Watched Nearly 3M Times

A YouTuber's video of the creation of a real-life Squid Game set has been watched nearly 3 million times on social media.

YouTube star MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, 23, teased a video on Twitter of the creation of a set inspired by the hit Korean Netflix drama Squid Game.

The clip, shared on Saturday, showed several people painting and operating vehicles around the set, which appeared to replicate the same arena from the episode Red Light, Green Light.

Donaldson said in the post: "Recreating Squid Games is costing more then I thought it would but I'm in to deep to stop now lol [laugh out loud] (sic)."

As of Sunday morning, the Twitter post the video has been watched 2.9 million times and has been liked on more than 257,200 occasions.

In a November 3 post, Donaldson shared photos of other sets seen in the show and added: "The Squid Game sets are coming together. Wish the 456 contestants good luck next week."

But, Donaldson first teased his project back in October when he uploaded a video to his TikTok page and said he would recreate Squid Game if the post got 10 million likes.

Recreating Squid Games is costing more then I thought it would but i’m in to deep to stop now lol

— MrBeast (@MrBeast) November 7, 2021

The clip quickly went viral and racked up an impressive 77.4 million views and 17.6 million likes as of Sunday. Donaldson claimed his video hit 10 million likes within 11 hours.

According to People, Donaldson explained he would select his TikTok followers to compete in his Squid Game

The YouTuber, who boasts 73.9 million subscribers on the platform, said the project had come at great expense.

The Squid Game sets are coming together! Wish the 456 contestants good luck next week 😈

— MrBeast (@MrBeast) November 3, 2021

According to the outlet, he said production on the video "cost over $2 million (easily our most expensive video."

Newsweek has contacted Donaldson for comment.

Korean drama Squid Game has become Netflix's most popular debut series ever, having reached 111 million accounts in less than a month after it went live on the service.

The high-stakes drama focuses on a handful of the 456 players who compete in life-or-death games against one another in order to wipe their financial debt and become rich.

It has been viewed as an allegory for class disparity in South Korea and a critique of capitalism in the East Asian country.

But, the popularity of the show, rated TV-MA, led the education safeguarding team for Central Bedfordshire in the U.K. to send an email to parents, urging them to "be vigilant" about children playing versions of the games on the show.

The email, shared last month, read: "There have been some concerning reports recently about children and young people 'playing' Squid Game whilst at school."

Squid Game on Netflix
'Squid Game' has broken Netflix records across the globe. Donaldson is recreating sets from the hit Netflix show. Netflix