'Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links' Duelist Challenges: How to Solve New Quizzes

A new set of Duelists Challenges have appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, testing players on card effects and various strategies.

Like others in the past, some of these new Duelist Challenges are very tough and the solutions are not as obvious as they may seem. Luckily, we've figured out the solutions for all of the new Duelist Challenges in Duel Links.

Remember, you can only solve the new Duelist Challenges until Aug. 15 so be sure to do them before they expire.

Note: This section will update as more challenges are made available.


This quiz involves special summoning a slew of Plant monsters to take down Jinzo. Here are the necessary steps to solve this riddle.

  • Activate Dark Core (discard Carrotweight) to remove one Jinzo
  • Activate Carrotweight's ability from the graveyard to special summon it (discard Rose Lover)
  • Activate Rose Lover's ability from the graveyard to special summon Gigaplant
  • Normal summon Gigaplant
  • Use Gigaplant's ability to special summon Lord Poison from the graveyard
  • Attack one Jinzo with Gigaplant
  • Attack the other Jinzo with Lord Poison
  • Activate Lord Poison's effect to special Summon Gigaplant
  • Attack the last Jinzo with Gigaplant
  • Attack with Carrotweight


This challenge involves the Cyberdark archetype to summon and beef up Cyberdark Dragon. Here's the steps needed to solve the quiz.

  • Activate Polymerization to special summon Darkflare Dragon (use Petit Dragon and Firegrass)
  • Normal summon Cyberdark Horn and equip Petit Dragon to it
  • Activate Release Restraint to send Petit Dragon to the graveyard
  • Activate Oops! from your side of the field to destroy Darkflare Dragon
  • Activate Cyberdark Impact to special summon Cyberdark Dragon and equip Darkflare Dragon
  • Attack the opponent's monster


Noble Knights are a powerful archetype in Duel Links . This challenge teaches you how to master their effects. Here are the steps to solve the third quiz.

  • Equip Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr on Noble Knight Gwalchavad (Don't chain another effect.)
  • Activate Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr, destroy a Widespread Ruin (Don't chain another effect.)
  • Activate Double Cyclone, select Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr, then a Widespread Ruin (Don't chain another effect.)
  • Activate Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr in your Graveyard when prompted, equip to whichever of your monsters. (Don't chain another effect)
  • Use Noble Knight Bedwyr's effect, select Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr to switch, then Noble Knight Artorius to equip to.
  • Activate Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr, destroy the third Widespread Ruin (Don't chain another effect)
  • Activate Glory of the Noble Knights, equip Noble Arms - Gallatin to Noble Knight Drystan
  • Select your opponent's Noble Knight Gawayn
  • Attack the opponent's monsters

Check out this solution video if you need a visual.


The fourth Duelist Challenge involves the Vampire archetype and special summoning a lot of monsters. Here's the steps to solving this tricky quiz.

  • Summon Gozuki and activate its effect, send Vampire Retainer to the graveyard
  • Activate Retainer's effect and send Vampire Familiar to the graveyard
  • Activate Retainer's other effect to bring Vampire's Domain from your deck to your hand
  • Activate Vampire's Domain and pay the life points to activate
  • Activate Familiar's effect in the graveyard and send Domain to the graveyard to special summon it
  • Activate Familiar's second effect to bring Vampire Vamp from your deck to your hand
  • Tribute summon Vamp by tributing Familiar and Gozuki
  • Activate Vamp's effect to steal your opponent's Geargiarsenal
  • Activate Gozuki's effect to banish Vampire Baby to special summon Vampire Grace from your hand
  • Activate Grace's effect to discard a Monster card from your opponent's deck to the graveyard.
  • Use Vampire Kingdom's effect to destroy Geargiattacker
  • Attack your opponent

Here's the solution video if you need a visual.


The fifth Duelist Challenge involves the new Gem-Knight cards and getting over your opponent's three powerful monsters. Here's the step-by-step process to solving this quiz.

  • FUSION summon Amethyst gem knight (use Iolite and Lazuli)
  • Activate effect of Lazuli on Iolite
  • Activate Gem-Knight Fusion from graveyard by banishing Lazuli
  • FUSION summon Lady Brilliant Diamond (use the three monsters in your hand)
  • Use Obsidian's effect to special summon Iolite
  • NORMAL summon Iolite
  • Activate Lady Brilliant effect on Amethyst to special summon Prismaura
  • Activate effect of Iolite to bring Obsidian from the graveyard to your hand
  • Bring Gem-Knight Fusion back to your hand
  • FUSION summon Zirconia (use Obsidian and Iolite)
  • Bring Gem-Knight Fusion back to your hand
  • Activate effect of Prismaura (destroy one of the 2450 attack monsters)
  • Attack with all your monsters

If you want to see the completion of this challenge in video form, check this video out.

Have you had any trouble with the new Duel Links quizzes? Which of the challenges was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.