'Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links' Zexal World: How to Unlock New World & Every Character

A new era in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is here and brings with it the Xyz mechanic, new characters and much more.

Zexal World has arrived in Duel Links and the popular mobile game will never be the same again. A new box and structure deck have arrived in the in-game shop to help duelists with their Xyz-focused decks and at least three new characters are available to unlock to obtain cards, gems and much more.

We suggest trying out Xyz summoning in Duel Links especially if you've never experienced it in the physical trading card game. It's easy and in Duel Links, you can read up on the mechanics and perform the tutorial.

To incentivize the new mechanics, duelists can read the Duelist Column on Xyz summoning to obtain 50 gems, and if you perform 100 Xyz summons you'll unlock a seventh Extra Deck slot.

yugioh duel links zexal world unlock characters


Unlocking the new world in Duel Links is simple and the mobile game lets duelists know once they've entered the game.

To unlock Zexal World, duelists simply have to play two Level 4 monsters in the same duel. This is, of course, a common play for Zexal's main protagonist Yuma when he Xyz Summons Utopia.

Complete this task and Zexal World will be open complete with new dialogue between Yuma and Astral.


Currently there are only three characters to unlock in Duel Links' Zexal World. While Yuma and Astral are unlocked automatically once you gain access to Zexal World, the other two will need duelists to complete certain tasks to raise their Stage Level.

Here's how to unlock every character in Duel Links' Zexal World. We'll update this section if we learn of any secret characters.

Yuma and Astral - Unlock Zexal World

Bronk Stone - Reach Stage Level 6 and complete the following missions

  • Win 1 duel against Bronk Stone while playing as Yuma and Astral
  • Summon Warrior-type Monsters five times in total
  • Perform 3 Xyz Summons

Tori Meadows - Reach Stage Level 10 and complete this mission

  • Defeat Tori Meadows in Duel World

To help duelists prepare for what the missions for each Stage Level are, we've compiled a list of each task below.

Stage 1

  • Win 6 Duel World Duels
  • Use Skills 3 times in Duel World Duels

Stage 2

  • Inflict 2600 or more points of battle damage in duels
  • Use spell/trap cards five times in duels
  • Perform 3 Xyz Summons in duels

Stage 3

  • Win 8 Duels
  • Inflict 5000 or more points of battle damage in one duel
  • Destroy 3 monsters in one duel
  • Achieve 3 No Damage wins in Duels

Stage 4

  • Win 8 Duels
  • Reduce your opponent's LP to 0 by inflicting battle damage with Utopia
  • Perform 5 Xyz Summons in duels

Stage 5

  • Win 1 Duel against Bronk Stone while playing as Yuma and Astral
  • Inflict 25000 or more points of battle damage in duels
  • Inflict 5000 or more points of effect damage in duels
  • Summon 20 monster in duel world

Stage 6

  • Win 9 duels
  • Win a duel world duels with a duel assessment of at least 4000
  • Achieve 2 No Damage wins in duel world
  • Use Rank 4 or higher Monster cards two times in one Duel World duel

Stage 7

  • Win 9 Duel World duels
  • Achieve 1 Comeback Victory in duels against Yuma and Astral
  • Achieve 2 wins without using any spell/trap cards in duel world
  • Win 3 duels within 5 turns in duel world

Stage 8

  • Win 5 Duels using Bronk Stone
  • Inflict 38000 or more points of battle damage in duels
  • Summon "Tin Archduke" two times while playing as Bronk Stone
  • Perform 4 special summons in one duel

Stage 9

  • Win 10 duels
  • Achieve 4 Comeback Victories
  • Achieve 1 win using only Machine-type monster cards using Bronk Stone
  • Summon Spellcaster-type monsters 4 times using Yuma and Astral

What do you think of Zexal World in Duel Links so far? Who is your favorite Zexal character? Let us know in the comments section.