YouTuber Bryce Hall Allegedly Assaults Zach Clayton In Bathroom Over Girl

YouTuber Zach Clayton, better known as BadZach online, allegedly got into a physical altercation with fellow content creator and friend on Dec. 18, Bryce Hall. On Tuesday, Clayton posted an image of himself with a black eye, a busted lip and multiple bruises, saying he had been "pushed into a bathtub," punched "30 times" and stuck in a "headlock" by an attacker he refused to name. The incident allegedly resulted in a trip to the hospital. Clayton did not want to share details about who else was involved in the fight, and said the involved parties wanted to "keep it all offline."

MessyMonday, a Twitter drama account, broke the news that Hall allegedly assaulted Clayton. Over the next day, other members of the influencer started to speak up about the situation, most notably Tana Mongeau. The last time Mongeau was in the news, she tried to create her own convention called TanaCon, which ended with fans waiting for hours in scorching heat, stampedes and tens of thousands of dollars in refunded tickets. This time around, she's here to defend her buddy Clayton.

if you blame being a terrible person on being drunk NEWSFLASH YOU JUST SUCK!

— tana mongeau (@tanamongeau) December 19, 2018

The story quickly gained online traction, spreading to Twitter where "Bryce Hall" and "WeLoveZachClyaton" were trending. Hall said on Twitter that he woke up to "death threats, hate messages and people messaging me that im (sic) gonna get jumped" and promised to explain the story in a video. Mongeau then clapped back, saying Hall "cheated on two girls I know in the past month" and that was the reason for the altercation. Hall responded with a cheap shot attempting to slut-shame Mongeau.

tana u have literally fucked everyone and their dads in ur past 3 relationships, i havent dated anyone in over a year. i hope u treat the justin bieber lookalike better than the other guys you’ve fucked over 🖤

— Bryce Hall (@BryceHall) December 19, 2018

In a later Twitter thread, Hall eventually apologized for the fight, saying that he made a "mistake" and is learning from it. He also streamed an Instagram live story where he apologized to Clayton for the way he acted.

life is all about getting knocked back and learning from your mistakes... nobody is perfect and if you say you are you’re lying. i made a mistake and im learning from it.. i deserve the hate, but the death threats are a little excessive.
- fuck bryce hall

— Bryce Hall (@BryceHall) December 19, 2018

Mongeau claimed on Twitter that Hall was trying to "threaten her" because she planned to posting a video about the fight. Clayton and Mongeau released a video together on Friday, attempting to share their side of the story. According to the pair in the video, a group of friends had been drinking all night with a girl Hall "had been hooking up with." While Clayton was talking in the bathroom with that girl, Hall "charged into the bathroom and started hitting (Clayton) 30 times." Clayton claims that Hall had "overheard something (he) said to the girl" which caused the confrontation.

"You shouldn't be an influencer and have tens of thousands of followers if you are psychopathically assaulting people who are your best friends for no reason," Mongeau said in the video. "I was put into a chokehold for like 20 seconds, I was told I almost died," Clayton added.

Hall has released a response video to Mongeau.