Zak Bagans Closes Devil's Rocking Chair Exhibit After Museum Haunts, Chilling Encounter in His Home

Ghost Adventure Crew
The "Ghost Adventures" team in Eureka, Utah. Left to right: Billy Tolley, Zak Bagans, Jay Wasley, Aaron Goodwin. Travel Channel

Zak Bagans has closed a new exhibit at his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas after a series of visitors were dramatically affected, as was his own home. Bagans welcomed the new addition, a rocking chair from the museum of Ed and Lorraine Warren that inspired the upcoming Conjuring 3, at the end of April.

This is the first time Bagans has ever closed an exhibit at his museum due to paranormal activity. The exhibition houses a wide variety of notoriously haunted items, but the chair caused concerning reactions in at least six of Bagans' museum guests.

Bagans told Newsweek he had to close the exhibit because of the disturbing reactions to the chair, which has been known as the "Devil's Rocking Chair."

"This is the first time where I have decided to shut an exhibit down at The Haunted Museum due to multiple people being affected in connection to unexplained paranormal activity of the Devil's Rocking Chair," Bagans said. "Six people all shared the same disturbing, uncontrollable crying during the short time I opened the exhibit, one of them being a guest who also collapsed directly above the Devil's Rocking Chair on the stairs." Bagans clarified that the chair is housed directly under the set of stairs.

While visitor reactions to haunted objects aren't entirely uncommon at the museum—ambulances have been called more than once in the past—the rocking chair triggered a chain of emotional reactions, even a terrifying experience that met Bagans and a friend in his own Las Vegas home.

"Me and a friend felt an evil presence move between us as we were sitting down in my living room, which then caused my dog to growl," Bagans explained. "I then became very affected, began speaking strange things about God and Satan with my head down, and then my friend began to cry uncontrollably and literally ran outta my house."

It's unclear if the exhibit will ever reopen, or what will happen to the chair next. Bagans bought the chair for around $67,000 according to TMZ in April. He also happened to buy it just hours before the death of Lorraine Warren, who had been a leading paranormal investigator in the chair's history.

The chair is famous in paranormal history, as it was the site of the exorcism of David Glatzel, who was said to be possessed by a demon. Warren performed the exorcism, and the story says the demon left Glatzel and possessed another person: Arne Cheyenne Johnson. Johnson later killed his landlord.

Some claim to have seen "the beast" sitting in the chair, while others who have sat in the chair have faced back pain so excruciating they've needed surgery.

The Haunted Museum features a lineup of haunted items, from an entire haunted doll room to relics from Bagans' now-demolished demon house.