Watch: Woman Faints at Zak Bagans' Museum After Orb Touches Her, Security Camera Video Shows

Zak Bagans, host of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures and owner of the Haunted Museum, noticed something unusual on his museum security cameras Wednesday. The black-and-white feed shows a woman faint during a tour. People have fainted at the haunted museum before, but this time, video may have captured paranormal proof.

Bagans shared the video with Newsweek Thursday and explained a light orb is seen touching the woman quickly, before it shoots off camera. This is when the woman faints. It's a matter of just a few seconds after the unexplained orb hits the woman in the back that she loses her footing. Bagans said the young woman was probably around 18 years old.

Museum Video
A still from The Haunted Museum security footage shows a young woman who fainted after an unexplained orb touched her. Zak Bagans

Bagans routinely debunks everyday events that seem to be haunts. Sometimes, orbs really appear to be bugs or specks of dust. Bagans was able to rule both of these out in his investigation after the security video was reviewed. "Because this ball of light is seen traveling IN FRONT of the man with the white shirt which means the ball of light is about 10 feet from the camera," he explained. "A tiny dust particle does not illuminate this far from the lens. Insects are very easily distinguishable on camera and u cant see wings on this anomaly and it doesn't travel in a sporadic flight pattern."

Recently, Bagans' cameras also captured an orb touching a man during a tour. While the man did not faint, he reacted to the touch. Both pieces of evidence seem to show the force of even a small, unseen object.

When asked if he had any idea what spirit could have been responsible for the woman's fainting spell, Bagans said he was unsure, as he knows the museum has many. He gave details of the haunted objects she was surrounded by at the time of the fainting.

The tour was in "The Library," a room that contains a few notoriously haunted items, and has been a place known to host full-bodied apparitions. Bagans explained there's a human skull in the room that he had in his home, but removed because of paranormal activity.

He explained some of the other eerie objects. "The library room also contains the 'Murder Doll' which was donated to the museum by a family whose ancestor (Great Great Grandfather) was murdered by the son after the man tried to kill his family w a shotgun," Bagans explained. "The little girl was there for the murder and the doll even contains blood stains from her father."

Bagans is unsure how the woman is doing now. When asked if there is anything museum visitors can do to prevent such extreme paranormal encounters, he responded: "It's unpredictable, so I can't offer advice how to avoid."