'Can One Man Save the World' Song About Zelensky Takes Internet by Storm

An emotional song dedicated to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is causing a huge reaction online as the singer John Ondrasik asks, "Can One Man Save the World?"

Often known by his stage name, Five for Fighting, Ondrasik has released his new single dedicated to Zelensky and the music video has already been viewed online hundreds of thousands of times.

Ondrasik admits he wrote and released the song "Can One Man Save the World?" over the past weekend. It features lyrics referring to Zelensky as a "Superman Ukrainian" and having "an Eastern heart the West has lost."

It's caused an emotional reaction online. Thousands of comments have applauded Ondrasik for his song and lyrics about the Ukrainian president standing brave against the Russian invasion.

The song "Can One Man Save the World?" is bringing tears to the eyes of some that listen to it. Replying to Ondrasik's tweet where he showcased the song, @LindaAuteuil wrote to the singer, "Your song had me in tears. I wish America had a hero here to look up to, but we definitely have a hero in Ukraine."

Twitter user @fibrogirl96 claimed to have tears coming down her cheeks after listening.

Ondrasik is even receiving praise from celebrities, with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak retweeting the song and writing to the singer on Twitter, "Great lyrics when you want to sing along and feel it."

Glenn Beck also retweeted the track and answered the question posed in the song. He wrote, "The answer is YES! When one man stands when all odds are against him, other men find their courage and begin to stand."

The comments in support for Ondrasik's song are flooding in on YouTube and Facebook too, with thousands of people taking the time to thank him for the new track.

On Facebook, Ondrasik, under the banner of Five for Fighting, thanked everyone for "sharing this song and standing w Zelensky and the Ukrainian people."

Ondrasik appeared on Fox and Friends to promote his new single and during his interview he called Zelensky a "modern day Churchill."

He continued: "Every night I pray that I wake up and he hasn't been assassinated and with every speech you wonder, is this going to be his last one? So we can't watch from the sidelines, we have to support this man."

"I think we've been longing for someone to stand up and remind us who we are in the West, who would have thought it would be a comedian from Ukraine, but he's doing it," Ondrasik said.

Five for Fighting's most famous track is "Superman (It's Not Easy)" which was released in 2001 and nominated for a Grammy Award.

As well as Ondrasik's social media channels, the single "Can One Man Save the World?" is also now available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music.

John Ondrasik song about Volodymyr Zelensky
Grammy nominated artist John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting (pictured left in 2017) has written the song "Can One Man Save the World?" about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (right). Paul Morigi / Le Monde/Getty Images