Is 'Zepeto' Tracking You? Viral Rumors Cause Fan Uproar

Zepeto, created by Snow Corporation and Naver Corp, seemingly blew up overnight. It's now the eighth most downloaded free game on Android and is the number one social networking app on iOS. Some users worry that it may be tracking them without their permission.

What is Zepeto?

Users create their own little versions of themselves or whoever they want to be. You can then take pictures or video of your character hanging out in its room, chilling with other player creations or even try to create an escape room. It's a simple social media app that's meant to keep your attention and engage as much possible. There are quests to complete, which reset every hour or by watching an ad. Completing these tasks earns you gold, which you can use to buy clothes or decorations for your room.

Is Zepeto Tracking You?

As the app has grown in popularity, a rumor about tracking has started to spread around the web. Users are worried that Zepeto may be tracking them without their permission and are starting to delete the app.

if zepeto is tracking my location then WHEN i get kidnapped ill finally be able to use the bittenbinder method

— danny (@astrotaako) November 26, 2018

guys is it true zepeto is a tracking app.....

— 𝕫𝕒𝕫𝕒 (@trblsope) November 26, 2018

There doesn't seem to be any concrete evidence that Zepeto does in fact track users. PopBuzz claims that the rumor started in a "group chat" and quickly spread out across the world wide web. Users claimed that if you put your phone up against your ear while the app was on, you'll be able to hear a faint buzzing noise, which must mean something is fishy. Other apps cause the same static noise to be heard.

For those of you who think zepeto is stalking you and are paranoid. Do NOT believe it. It was a “joke” and the person who made this post made an update saying that. JUST HAVE FUN AND DONT THINK NEGATIVE.

— tye (@loonatycc) November 26, 2018

Zepeto doesn't ask for your location when you first access the app, so there's no way it can know where you are. Relax and send some bootleg Bitmojis to your friends without worrying that the Zepeto mobs are coming to get you.

Update: In a recent Shane Dawson video, the YouTuber mentioned the rumors surrounding Zepeto. The app still does not track users.

Naver Corp., one of the largest South Korean search engines, has not responded to any of the allegations circulating on Twitter.

It's unlikely that this rumor will be the end for Zepeto . The app is still being used by millions of users and will only continue to grow. Those online seem to love being able to share their creations, regardless if they are using iOS or Android. Bitmojis can only be accessed by those that have sold their soul to Apple, making Zepeto , the easiest option to connect with all your friends.